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Innova Info-Key Silver

Manufacturer #:InfoKeySilver

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Silver Info-Key

Education ~ Tutorials ~ Information
243 White Key Files + 132 Silver Key Files
Totaling 375 Files of Video’s or PDF Information Sheets

The Silver Info-Key is available to purchase for $ 395.00 and includes all the information from the White Key.

It also offers updates twice a year with a small processing fee, 132 additional videos and printed material on adjustments and more to help make your baby purr like a kitten.  

This information will be a game changer for you!! It saves having to try to contact a dealer or surf the internet for what is often just a minor adjustment that you can make and get right back to quilting. 
  • Silver > Load-A-Quilt ~ Difficult Quilts ~ Binding with a Quilting Machine
  • Silver > Threading Machine ~ Bobbin Winder ~ Needles ~ Tensions “Mastering the Art”
  • Silver > Hand Guided ~ Ruler Work ~ Panto’s ~ Start-Stop techniques ~ and More
  • Silver > Basic Adjustments: Machine ~ Feet ~ Table ~ Clean & Check ~ Tips
  • Silver > Replacing Worn or Damaged Parts ~ Changing feet ~ Rotating the sew head
  • Silver > Displays: M-Series ~ Lightning Stitch ~ Standard Stitch Setting and adjustments
  • Silver > Basic Adjustments: Computer Systems ~ Drive Belts ~ Sensors ~ Advanced Tips
  • Silver > Do it yourself frame assembly ~ Basic Leveling ~ Pro Table Parts Replacement
  • Silver > Pro Adjustments: Timing ~ Needle Height ~ Hook ~ Foot ~ Displays ~ Settings
  • Silver > Remove Sew head from Pro-Table ~ Standard Machine or Computer System
  • Silver > Machine Spa Day: Make it happy ~ Machine, Table, Rails, Wheels, Encoders
  • Silver > And More…