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 Quilting Services and Pricing 
   It's important to properly prepare your pieced quilt top before bringing in for quilting to avoid unnecessary charges. Click here for a detailed preparation guide.

  • Batting and backing a minimum of 8" larger than quilt top on all four sides, for a total of 16" additional in height and width.
  • Backing and top squared so all edges are even.
  • Quilt back pieced in advance, preferably with horizontal seams.
  • Top and Backing ironed and wrinkle-free.
  • All loose threads clipped.
Turnaround Time
Edge-to-edge (or "all-over") quilting is completed within 2 to 3 weeks. Payment is due at time of completion.

Expedited service (5-7 day turnaround) for E2E designs $30

    Quilting Patterns & Prices
       Edge to Edge:
Check out the library of our most popular E2E quilting patterns or select from our catalogue in the shop. Price is determined by the pattern complexity and time required to sew:

  • Class 1 Patterns: $0.0175/in2
  • Class 2 Patterns: $0.0225/in2
  • Class 3 Patterns: $0.025/in2
  • Class 4 Patterns: $0.030/in2
*The cost of solid color thread is included in prices listed above. Additional charge for variegated thread.

Any quilting that is under $45 will be charged a $10 loading fee. 

Trimming and Binding  
We offer trimming and straight grain binding services to help you complete your quilt. Prices shown are for straight-edge quilts.

  • Trim quilt edges... $10-25
    • varies with size of quilt
  • Attach Only... $.010/inch
    • we machine sew your prepared binding to the front of your quilt so you can finish with hand stitching on the back
  • Machine Binding... $0.20/inch
    • we attach and finish your binding by machine
  • Hand Binding... $0.32/inch
    • we attach your binding by machine and finish with hand stitching on the back
A strip width of 2-1/2 inch is preferred for machine binding. Minimum strip width of 2-1/4 inch for binding. 

All binding services include trimming at no additional cost.

All binding services add an additional week to turnaround time.


 Additional Services
 While your quilt is being completed, additional services may be suggested or required to guarantee the best results.