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Saturday                                                              02.09.2019

Good Morning! It's been a great week in the shop! Wrangler (new puppy) is growing fast! It's fun to see how many customers look forward to seeing him! Thanks to everyone who has made this adventure fun so far! The cold temperatures have returned so it's a perfect day to browse some fabrics and visit a puppy! Also it's national Pizza day! Be sure to try our favorite spot Francesco's! It's just 2 doors away and has great pizza! We also love our neighbor across the street, Legends! Two great Pizza places to choose from! See you at the shop!

Monday                                                                02.04.2019

Good Morning! It's a big day at the shop! Margie's embroidery retreat begins! A few days of fun for a large crowd expected! I have a lot to do to get ready so I have to go! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                                                               01.31.2019

Good Morning! Brrrr! Come on out and visit the coziness that is our wonderful shop! It's a great day to pick out a new project! I don't have too much to announce today! A lot of our focus has been on getting our puppy Wrangler trained! He seems to be growing hourly! This morning he is 12 weeks old on the last day of January! Enjoy this cold blast if you can! Spring will be here before we know it! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                                                                 01.29.2019

Good Morning! We had a great Monday in the shop! We delivered a beautiful Double Wedding ring custom Quilting project to a customer! It was outstanding! Another quality job by the Quilt team! I've had a lot of behind the scenes responsibilities lately. We are in the middle of changing banks and some operational procedures that we hope will help! I have another busy day of planning for our next events! I have to get my day started! Stop in and pick out a project for our cold weather that is on the way! See you at the shop!

Monday                                                                           01.28.2019

Good Morning! Things are sure getting busy! People were out shopping for new sewing machines! Many first time visitors arrived from Pennsylvania and NJ over the weekend! Our in house retreat was a big success and enjoyed by all! We are also gearing up for a full slate of Quilt shows where we will represent Innova Long Arm Machines! We'll let you know where you can see us and finally buy that Long Arm you have been wanting! Remember that we offer really great financing on all of our items! Our excellent financing is not brand specific! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                                                    01.26.2019

Good Morning! Things are getting busy around here! We have enjoyed having a few gals participating in our in house retreat! Stop in and visit if you get the chance. Yesterday it was great to visit with Neal and Heidi from Innova Long Arms! Innova is light years ahead of all other brands. We're looking forward to seeing the new top of the line machine soon and continuing our relationship with Innova! Wrangler, our puppy is growing fast! I'm starting to see some real progress on the house breaking! It looks like a great day to visit Wrangler,Burlington and the 6 restaurants in easy walking distance from us! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                                  01.10.19

Good Morning! Another exciting day! I had a great meeting with a new teacher! Hoping to add some new classe to our line up! We did receive our shipment of heat transfer vinyls! Stop in and stock up! Perfect for those new Brother Scan N Cut machines out there! By the way we didn't quite sell all of them! Stop in and get your great deal today! That's about it this morning! I have to watch Wrangler, our new puppy! He's starting to show some improvement in house breaking! Fingers crossed! So far he's the most popular item we have! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                                 01.06.2019

Good Morning! We had a great Saturday in the shop! So excited to see people planning big projects! Stay tuned this week for a big delivery of a new product line for the shop! Proud to continue to supply the items you are looking for! Wrangler our puppy is doing great! A new Bernina gal, first time visitor, almost left her new machine behind after playing with Wrangler! Time to get another day underway! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                                         01.05.2019

Good Morning! Welcome 2019! We are off to a great start! I keep hearing the same thing from all of my suppliers! Sales are going strong and everyone is busy upgrading their machines! Are you ready for a long arm to finish your own projects? We have the answer for you! Innova machines start under $10,000! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                           12.31.2017

Good Morning! It's time to say good bye to 2017! We are ready for an exciting 2018! We are looking forward to our first full year with Brother sewing machines! They seem to pair nicely with Berninas! Our Innova sales are really picking up! We are excited as our sales area seems to be expanding as more Long Arm shoppers are finding how easy and how much fun it is to visit Burlington! Our beautiful Bed & Breakfast, several excellent restaurant choices and a fantastic coffee shop make Burlington a wonderful place to visit while you make your long arm purchase! We are also so excited to introduce our new fabrics. We have samples coming out with vinyl, and cork to add to our leather! You're going to love everything! Get your Scan N Cut if you haven't yet! We're going to have fun! See you in 2018!

Friday                                              12.29.2017

Good Morning! Have you made it out to Burlington for our big sale? I know most of you have! We still have plenty of items available and lots of new stuff hidden away ready to make its debut soon! I want to remind everyone that we are open today and tomorrow! We are going to take another 2 days off this week! That's right we're closed Sunday and Monday! Bundle up and make the trip! It's a great day to visit Olde City Quilts! See you at the shop!

Wednesday               12.27.2017

Good Morning! How was your Holiday? Ours was great! The first day of our big sale was also a success! Thanks to all that made it to Burlington! I think we sold our latest Gammill trade in Long Arm Machine! Fingers crossed! We also sold a Brother Dream Machine back on the 23rd! Talk about a last minute shopper! Rob was busy yesterday assembling an Innova Auto Pilot that he is scheduled to deliver to Virginia tomorrow! So it's been pretty busy! We also sold our first pieces of vinyl yesterday! We are offering pre cut selections to fit your needs! I better get my day started! See you at the shop!


Friday                        12.22 2017

Good Morning! The final countdown is underway! Remember we will be closed Sunday in anticipation of Monday! I apologize to any visitors that hope to drop in! Rob dropped of an Innova in Maryland yesterday! I'm so jealous that he got to visit a 26 acre Alpaca farm! I hope you are all set for your holiday! I'm not even close! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                     12.19.2017

Good Morning! What a great day in and out of the shop! Rob and I left early for a meeting with a new supplier for leather and will now be adding a complete new line of materials for the shop! I'm excited to take our leather/cork/vinyl options to the next level! Rev up those ScanNcuts! We will soon have projects coming! See you at the shop!

Monday                                             12.18.2017

Good Morning! Welcome procrastinators! Time is getting short! Our Sunday was exciting! Lot's of customers, especially one who travelled from Maryland. She was looking for an Innova provided it would sew with Monofilament thread top and bottom on stabilizer. No Problem! It was an easy sale! Now it has to be a quick delivery! Keep your fingers crossed that we can come through! It looks like a great day to visit Burlington! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                                   12.16.2017

Good Morning! How are your Holiday plans going? We've been really busy in the shop! Friday was a great day! I'm so happy that we started free motion Friday! Todays group was great and plans were made for the coming year! Look for more fun events soon! I'm really excited to see new folks coming to us for their machine purchases! Many thanks go out to all of our friends that spread the word about us! The snow should be getting you into the holiday spirit! I hope! See you at the shop!


Tuesday                    12.12.2017

Good Morning! Another busy day in Burlington! Rob Installed an Innova just a short drive away in Pennsylvania! We also are working on some new excitement concerning Innova! Stay tuned! We also have a lot going on behind the scenes, as usual! Olde City Quilts feels like a 24 hr a day operation! I'm looking forward to the next few weeks and then we'll be heading back to shows! Oh my! See you at the shop!

Friday                             12.08.2017

Good Morning! We're coming down to the last few weekends before Christmas! It's time to get busy if you haven't already! The Olde City Elves have been frantically  printing Gift cards! Plenty of other gift ideas are still available! Rob will be out delivering a sewing table today and tomorrow he will be picking up a long arm we sold locally! The machine was provided as a trade in just in time for a Christmas miracle! I hope you're having a terrific Holiday shopping/sewing season! See you at the shop!

Thursday                         12.07.2017

Good Morning to you all! Things are moving along and colder weather is rolling in! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We've been selling a lot of Gift cards! It's always fun to see non quilters walking in to buy them! They all act so differently then our regular customers! They almost never stop to admire any quilts or fabrics or thread, just straight to the counter and ready for business! I hope you're getting at least one! I have a big Bernina machine delivery arriving today. Stop in and take advantage of great holiday deals while they last! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                     12.05.2017

Good Morning! A little quiet in the shop on Monday, while it was really busy behind the scenes! We received another order from Nancy's Notions who has been marketing some of the Leather projects! Sales are going well! Stop in and pick up the items that are selling across the country right in your own backyard! We also met with a representative of the Smith Group that operates the Brickwall restaurant nearby! They are in the midst of opening 2 new restaurants in Philadelphia! They need a specailty item sewn and we're going to give it a try! Hug Wraps met a few new people and raised a little more money! Stop in today if you have the chance! I'm off to start another exciting day! See you at the shop!

Monday                                        12.04.2017

Good Morning! We wrapped up a great weekend in Burlington and are speeding towards the Holiday! We had some shoppers looking for great deals this weekend! The good news is we still have some left! It's prime shopping time! I'm really excited to see the big items that are being bought! I'm looking forward to seeing the creative things you all come up with! We'll continue to make plans to help you along the way! Have a great day and I'll see you at the shop!

Sunday                             12.03.2017

Good Morning! It was a wonderful Saturday in Burlington! The shop was busy and so was our Hug Wraps bazaar! Brenda was very happy with the amount of money they were able to raise! We left some of the items out so you can still participate this week if you stop in! We had another clothing class that went well with Andrea and I'm excited to be adding more that will make us grow! Another ScanNcut class helped out some students! We're happy to have Linda demonstrating our new products and working to provide everyone with opportunities to succeed! The day wrapped up with the City's Christmas Parade! I thought the crowd was a little larger then years past and everyone seemed to be having an old fashioned good time! Great job Burlington! See you at the shop!

Friday                                       12.01.2017

Good Morning! November certainly went out with a roar! Congratulations to a customer who has purchased a big Bernina! We also have another used Gammill coming in! That makes 2 available! The latest is a 22" Vision with Breeze track on a 10 ft. table! Perfect for smaller spaces! I plan to make outstanding deals on those machines! The last one I had sat around too long! So start your December with your own bargain Quilting machine! When one customer downsizes another customer can save big! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                           11.30.2017

Good Morning! Everyday is amazing at Olde City Quilts! A special package arrived containing 2 new customized floor mats that we have placed by our doors! Your feet will now be greeted with a logo customized by Rob Jr. and imagined and planned by our amazing friend and employee Shirley! Thank you Shirley! We all love them and appreciate how you always strive to present the shop in a great light! We are looking forward to another terrific day! Every Christmas has been wonderful, but this year the staff has helped me put together the best selection of gift items! I do enjoy helping the husbands wander the shop and make selections, but we are providing quicker shopping opportunities this year! I think you will like them! Hope to see your loved ones at the shop!

Wednesday                               11.29.2017

Good Morning! The shop has really been hopping! It's so great to see everyone getting their projects going or completed! We had another big Bernina sale yesterday and are just finishing up a big Brother 10 needle embroidery machine sale! Have you seen the big machine? Stop in and visit! We are really excited about embroidery and are starting to work on some new ideas including cork and leather! If you don't have an embroidery machine it's a great time to visit the shop! I still have a 2 great deals on outstanding Brother machines that will get you started on the journey without breaking the bank! See you at the shop! 

Tuesday                                        11.28 2017

Good Morning! What a Monday we had! Rob, Charlie and I left early for Ma ine! Rob had outfitted our van with a place for Charlie's bed and even room for me to rest! Don't tell Rob but Charlie stayed on my side! Meanwhile back in NJ the staff held everything together and it appears they were busy! Thank you everyone! We arrived home at a reasonable hour last night and are rested and ready for another big day in Burlington! Come on in and make your plans for your Innova delivery! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                 11.25.2017

Good Morning! Black Friday is behind us! Hard to believe right? I wrote up an invoice for an Innova Long Arm that will send Rob back to Maine again after our trip on Monday! I hope to hear back from them shortly! Let me know if you are in the market for their Gammill trade in! We plan to sell it quickly! Plenty of bargains remain after our Friday sale! Don't forget to sign up for our ScanNcut drawing! I think a lot of shoppers missed entering yesterday so the chances are pretty good! Come in today and clear out our unbelievable rock bottom deals on Brother Dream Machine 2 and 2 other excellent embroidery machines! Check out our Brother Persona single needle embroidery machine that allows you to embroider hats and can be used as a free motion quilting machine too! Our Brother 10 needle and Bernina 16 needle embroidery machines round out our showroom! I really have to run! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                 Thanksgiving!

Good Morning! I hope you have a great day planned! This is the first year in a long time that I'm not preparing a big meal. Rob and I are taking advantage of this time to just relax and accomplish a little work around our house. We really had a great day on Wednesday! I never remember being busy the day before Thanksgiving. It was truly unbelievable! Several big sales took place! Even a probable Innova sale! Folks kept arriving despite our intention to close at 3pm! Thank you to all that participated! I suppose next year we'll keep regular hours! Get some rest if you're heading to the shop tomorrow! If yesterday is any barometer it will be busy and we'll be doing our best to keep up! See you at the shop!


Tuesday                                      11.21.2017

Good Morning! What a great Monday! We received another huge delivery from Brother which included A 10 needle embroidery machine! Rob Jr got it set up and tested it. We are ready to sell these! Brother informs me they are in stock and just waiting to go home with you for Christmas! Rob was busy assembling an Innova that we will be delivering to Maine on Monday! Yes I said we!! I will be traveling along with Rob this time! Out in the shop the staff was busy getting ready for our Black Friday sale and helping our customers! All in all a great day! Stay tuned for details on a Giveaway sponsored by Brother and one sponsored by us! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                 11.19.2017

Good Morning! We wrapped up our 2 day hands on event and everyone seemed to have a great time! The big news is we did not sell everything in the shop! We have pre-Thanksgiving leftovers! Stop in and browse a New Brother Dream machine - ScanNcut combo offer! You know you want it! We have thread sets left and can order anything you missed out on! We have some great $99 box sets that make a great Christmas Gift! I might have to order more of those! Today we get Julie to the airport. She'll head back to Montana with he gratitude of all who attended her Getting to know Hue sessions! She was already scheduled to visit us in January with my friends Donna and Bev! We will set up another class on her favorite Lonestar method she shared with the groups yesterday! Stay tuned! Let's get Sunday started. See you at the shop!

Friday                                11.17.2017

Good Morning! Wow! A Big thank You to the staff! We really got a lot done yesterday! Especially checking in all the fabric Rob delivered after 5pm! Still more to finish up! We have 10 people coming to Free motion Friday and we're ready for our Hands on Event too! Dream Machine sales have already started. I have time to get more in by the Holidays if necessary! Don't miss a great deal because it's a little early! Let them know Olde City Quilts is the place to go! Treat youself if you have to! A huge gift from Brother is making this deal possible! Come in and check it out! I'm so excited to see so many happy customers! See you at the shop!


Thursday                              11.16.2017

Good Morning! I truly loved meeting with a High School teacher who is planning to buy Berninas for her classroom! She took the first one with her to get started! I'm so excited for the students in that district! Meanwhile, our weekend adventure is approaching! Today the Floriani educator arrives and we will complete setting up our class area. Rob will be heading to the airport to pick up Julie, my friend from my days living in Montana. Julie is excited to come back to the shop. Many of you will recall taking classes and visiting with her during retreats in the past. Thank you to all of our "Getting to Know Hue" friends who rearranged schedules to accomodate her quick visit to NJ! Lots of fabric will be coming in today too! Stop in this weekend and get inspired! Especially by peeking in at our Brother Dream Machines working away! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                               11.15.2017

Good Morning! I'm up early and heading in to the shop! We got some big deliveries yesterday that we have to check in and get out for sale! Floriani brand and Quilters Select brand prices will be reduced by 20% this weekend. Additionally, I have a limited supply of Floriani Embroidery Software that will be available at rock bottom pricing! This is a must have item for any embroiderer using any brand machine and any other software! I'm really enjoying my new relationship with Brother and Floriani! I like that they offer bargains that allow me to pass savings on to our friends! Click on the link to learn more about the software. Send your family or treat yourself to the best stocking stuffer at the best price! OK, I'm late! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                              11.14.2017

Good Morning! Thank you all for a fantastic Monday! Margie had a great class that welcomed some old friends back to the shop! It was really great to see you all again! Meanwhile shoppers were busy clearing off the shelves! We had some big online orders, two new customers that are now coming here for their leather purchases and a Big Bernina sale too! If you throw in another ScanNcut buyer you get the idea that we were busy! My biggest Brother order is on it's way in for the holiday shopping season! I still have one discontinued machine that is a great deal! Check it out here! I'm ready to make room for new machines so it's time for it to go! See you at the shop!


Monday                               11.13.2017

Good Morning! It sure looks like a great day to head to Burlington! We really had a great weekend and we are excited for the one that is coming and features 2 big events! First an RNK Hands on Quilting event and my friend Julie coming in from Montana to teach a portion of our Getting to know Hue block of the month! I can't wait to see her and am so excited that she agreed to lend a hand! We also are expecting more Innova machines to arrive and big orders from Brother and RNK! The shop is going to be packed! It's not too early to send family and friends in for some early Christmas and Holiday shopping! I should have plenty of items just waiting to help your creativity! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                             11.12.2017

Good Morning! Wow! What a Saturday! The shoppers were out! Especially a great group of ladies that all came together! Wonderful to see you all again! Some of them were checking out our display of Brother machines and products that we didn't have when they last visited! We are getting ready for the holiday rush and are moving things around! Sundays have all been great lately, so I better get ready to great you all! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                11.11.2017

Good Morning! It should be exciting again in the shop today! Our Getting to Know Hue participants will attend the Applique portion of the project. We are really looking forward to our next Getting to know Hue session! I think it will be even better because we have a special guest flying in from Montana to teach her specialty! Julie will really help bring our project in to focus! It's wonderful to have super talented friends that can easily step in to share their professional expertise! Julie will impart her tips and tricks that will give you a clear path to success! I have to get going early today! Have a great day and I'll see you at the shop!

Friday                                        11.10.2017

Good Morning! Brrrr! A cold front is rushing in this morning! It's officially quilting season! I'm so happy we started our in house retreats! I think its leading to new ideas and more fun to come! Stop by and visit if you have the chance! I think it's a perfect day to pick up a coffee from Evermore Coffee Roasters before browsing our shelves! We also have a good size group planning to attend our Hands on Quilt event! (also being held in house!) Dont miss a fun opportunity to spend time on a Brother  Dream machine! Make your plans to reserve one! We will have our second biggest supply available and probably your best opportunity to get a great deal before the Holidays! Mention it to your loved ones! They will be going fast! I'm ready to go! How about you? See you at the shop!

Thursday                                    11.09.2017

Good Morning! It was a wonderful Wednesday in the shop! We had a new visitor, who turned out to be one of my neighbors, complete her first project! She's hooked! It really brings me so much joy when new people venture in and discover their passion! Encourge your friends to join us! You'll love the feeling too! See you at the shop!


Wednesday                               11.08.2017

Good Morning! Still some space available if you want to join our in house retreat! It starts today, not yesterday like it said in our newsletter! We debuted our new newsletter format and I think it looked great! I hope you liked it too! I'm still so impressed with our sewing machine sales! The phone keeps ringing! I'm trying to build up our inventory so all models are on display! It shouldn't take much longer at this pace! Don't forget to sign up for our Hands on Quilt event! It will be another great opportunity to try out the Brother Dream Machine! If there's room I might squeeze in to try it out too! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                          11.07.2017

Good Morning! Hurrying out to vote before heading to Burlington! See you at the shop!

Monday                                 11.06.2017

Good Morning! Fun and excitement was easy to find yesterday in the shop! I had a huge Hook Line and Sinker class! It's always great to see new students learn what they can easily accomplish with a little guidance! Jackie was busy showing Bernina machines! Drop those hints to loved ones to pick up a big gift card so you can get the machine you really want! Time to run! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                          11.05.2017

Good Morning! Saturday sure turned out to be a wonderful day! I'm ready for a repeat today! I have another big class for beginners! Jackie did a great job selling some new friends Bernina sewing machines and she also learned a whole lot about our Brother machines and is excited to match you with your perfect machine! If that wasn't enough, I want to root on our friend Teresa Terry in Long Valley NJ! She is showing her Innova to a prospective new buyer! Good luck making your first Innova sale for us! Well, I better get my big day underway! See you at the shop!


Saturday                                    11.04.2017

Good Morning! It's a beautiful morning and I'm ready for a big day at the shop! I'm also ready to turn the clocks back tonight for my extra hour of sleep! I have a big Bernina BSR class to teach today! Stop in and lend a hand to our favorite charity Hug Wraps! No experience necessary! Don't forget to start dropping hints about big machines for Christmas! Scan and Cut machines and sewing furniture should be high on your list too! Seek out Jackie "the deal maker" for the very best prices from The areas largest Quilt shop! Get your day started and I'll see you at the shop!

Friday                                             11.03.2017

Good Morning! Things are really hopping lately! Friends are signing up for our quilt event faster then I expected! Join a group of folks that will make it a great two day event! We also have 3 more Innova sales to keep Rob busy! One will be going to New York, one to Hew Hampshire and the other will send him to Virginia again! I love this time of year! It always brings out friends that make a special trip to visit! Great to see you all that have already popped in and I'm looking forward to many more of you visiting this holiday season! See you at the shop!


Thursday                                      11.02.2017

Good Morning! We had a great Wednesday in the shop! It was wonderful to see some old friends stop in and visit! We also had a planning session with our Brother team! Great things coming! If you are dreaming of getting the biggest Brother machine let your loved ones know we will have them in the shop for our big event Nov. 17-18! It will be a great time to complete their shopping list! I'm off to plan more excitement! See you at the shop!


Wednesday                              11.01.2017

Good Morning! We flew home from Houston yesterday and now it's November! It's time to get excited for the Holidays! We have plenty of plans to help you! Especially Another RNK Event! Hands on Quilting is coming Nov. 17/18! So much to do so we can get ready for all of our new plans! Hope to see you signing up soon! Let's get together and have some fun! See you at the shop!


Tuesday                             10.31.2017

Good Morning! Happy Halloween! Today it's time to travel home! Can't wait to get back to the shop! While we were here, we even scheduled an event for this November! We are going to be looking for people that have been putting off attending an event, and want to join all the fun! I'd like to tell you more, but I have to get to the airport! See you at the shop!

Monday                                10.30.2017

Good Morning! Having a great time in Houston! More local shops will be providing leather around the country! We made plans with Brother, Sarah Vedeler, RNK and more for events! We had dinner with Neal, the owner of Innova last night! I'm excited about new plans and look forward to growing! I'd like to thank all of our friends! We are having our best year ever with Innova and have several sales in process right now! It's the final show day. We'll pack up tonight and will be leaving tomorrow! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                  10.28.2017

Good Morning! We finished setting up our booth and are ready for shoppers in Houston! It's always exciting to be here! We had a great dinner with Cathy Wiggins and then met some of my Montana friends! How are things back in NJ? Hope you all are keeping the staff busy while we're gone! Have a great day and I'll see you at the shop soon!

Thursday                                10.26.2017

Good Morning from Houston! We'll be setting up for the International Quilt Market today and tomorrow! We're off to get our day started! See you at the shop!

Monday                                    10.23.2017

Good Morning! What a great day in the shop! I owe a big thanks to Anthony, Shirley, Gloria and Susan for holding down the fort while we were taking a little personal time off! I may have to increase the hours on Sunday! You guys are really amazing! We're ready to start another big week! Rob and I will be heading to Houston for Quilt market. It may be crowded in Houston! The World Series will be just a few blocks away! I'm ready to start my day, how about you? Make it a great one! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                          10.22.2017

Good Morning! It's shaping up to be a terrific weekend as Innova sales are leading the way! We had some great classes going on especially with Debbie Kalenty! If you haven't signed up for one of Debbies classes I think you're missing out! Everybody always has a great review of their day when she is here! We also loved seeing our recent machine buyers learning all of the tips we can share to help them on their way! It looks like another beautiful day to visit Burlington! Yesterday we welcomed a couple from Miami who really loved the shop! Share our shop with your friends! You never know who is looking to start quilting and our shop is full of inspiration for beginners! Time to get up, get out and make it a great day! See you at the shop!

Thursday                              10.19.2017

Good Morning! Gotta love busy days in the shop! Time just seems to fly by! The days business featured a big Accuquilt sale! We also are flying through our previously loved machines! Stop in and see what we can do for you! We love our Bernina machines, but are really getting up to speed with our Brothers! So many of you have them! We are really proud to join the team and to be your new home for fantastic service! It's a beautiful day to visit Burlington! Can't wait to seeee you at the shop!

Wednesday                     10.18.2017

Good Morning! We had another great day in the shop! Everybody keeps buying sewing machines! Is there anyone out there looking? The more we sell the better deals are for Everyone! Make us your final stop when you are shopping! Are you participating in Wooly Bock adventure? Sales of kits are coming in from all over the country! I'm really loving it! Time to order more wool! Have a terrific day! See you at the shop!

Monday                                           10.16.2017

Good Morning! Thank you all for a great Sunday! It felt like a Saturday at times! Machine sales are really leading the way lately! I'm so excited to find out how many of our customers have been enjoying their Brother machines for years! I'm very proud that so many of you trust us to provide the best deal on your new machines! If you are thinking of expanding into embroidery, come in and get started! You must take advantage of our wonderful instructor Margie who gives so much of herself to help you on your journey! She'll be in the shop today! Stop in and see what she does every month for our embroidery fans! I'm heading in soon. Think I'll have to pick up an Evermore Coffee! See you at the shop!

Sunday                              10.15.2017

Good Morning! What a Saturday! Things were really hopping and we're still enjoying welcoming first time visitors! Bernina machines were the hot item for the day! Don't let the warm weather fool you! It's time to start your plans for the holidays! With all of the fun, we also have customers who have personal struggles and we want them to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them! Can't wait to see you all at the shop!


Saturday                           10.14.2017

Good Morning! Congratulations to Audrey who got her new Innova Auto Pilot yesterday! She joins her sister who recently got one too! Today we'll be looking forward to seeing you come in to the shop! Stop by and help with our Kennel quilts 11- 3 in the classroom! Visit Evermore Coffee (just across from Brickwall) before your visit! We're really loving having a great coffee shop nearby! I'm off to get started! Hope you have a great day too! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                     10.11.2017

Good Morning! Congratulations to Annette, who now is enjoying her Innova with an upgrade to the Lightning Stitch and Pantovision! Obviously she really loved her machine before. I think she's going to be even happier now! Come on out and place your order soon! I'm also looking forward to some new classes we are working on and 2 big Bernina events are starting to take shape! Stay tuned for more great events in Burlington! Come and continue to grow with us! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                              10.10.2017

Good Morning! We had a pretty busy day in the shop! Rob is preparing for his next Innova Delivery right here in NJ! He also is upgrading another NJ customer to Lightening Stitch and Pantovision! I'm also finishing up another order for a new Innova! I'm very happy to start hearing feedback from all of our Brother and Floriani customers! The Floriani threads are definately a favorite! Come in and stock up! We just got our numbers in from Brother! I really want to thank you all for your support! We have already surpassed many goals and I'm sure it's going to be a great Christmas Season! Thanks again! See you at the shop!

Monday                                                                     10.09.2017

Good Morning! It's been awhile since I've taken a moment to say hello! I hope you are all doing great! We had a great Saturday, while Sunday was a little quiet. I'm hoping to see a lot of you who could be stopping in today! We are getting ready for our trip to Quilt market and festival in Houston! I'm glad I took a second to say Hi again! Have a great day! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                             09.16.2017

Good Morning! Really looking forward to a beautiful day! It should be wonderful to visit the shop then stroll by the river, enjoy a coffee, Ice Cream or a great meal in Burlington! It's amazing the choices that are now available in our little City! We still have a deal on Aurifil thread and all of our machines! Next week we welcome our great friends Diane and Bruce from Sew Batik for a huge event! If you have shopped for machines at a show stop in to see us before you buy! We will surely make you a better deal! Our Brother Dream Machines continue to be really popular! We got 2 delivered the other day and I think the second one will go home with someone today! Join the fun! I will be placing a much bigger order and want you to get yours ASAP too! Rob keeps saying he loves it and hasn't even started using the cool stuff yet! I have to get started! Enjoy the day whatever you do! See you at the shop!

Friday                                                            09.15.2017

Good Morning! What a great day in the shop! It was a unique event having Alex Veronelli simply in the shop willing to talk with and help our customers! We sold several personal thread collections complete with a personalized label with a photograph of Alex with the customer! As usual, it was my staff that made the event a hit! Alex's lecture was fun too! I also have to thank Karen Miller who provided some great advice and demos throughout the day! It was a real treat for anyone who attended! Next weeks Sew Batik event promises to be even larger! Don't miss it! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                           09.14.2017

Good Morning! Today is the day to visit the shop! Help us welcome Alex Veronelli of Aurifil Thread! Alex has traveled from Italy to visit our shop and we can't wait to offer this opportunity to our customers! Stop in! Alex will shop with you and create your own custom thread collection! I have to hurry to get ready! See you at the shop!


Tuesday                                       09.05.2017

Good Morning! Wow! The first week of September is almost gone! We're off to a great start to what I hope is a great month! I'm a little excited about a recent design project I did to be included in Pat Sloan's new book! It really got my creative juices flowing! Now if I can just find the time to produce some projects! Don't forget to come out and visit with Alex Veronelli of Aurifil thread next week! It should be fun! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                           09.03.2017

Good Morning! I'm looking forward to a day off from the shop tomorrow! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I expect a quiet day in the shop, but would love for some of you to prove me wrong! I just ordered a few more Brother Dream machines that are on their way! Rob is testing out the Dream Creator while we wait for them to arrive! The Dream Creator is a great alternative to the Dream Machine and saves you a few dollars! Stop in and make a great deal that will make it a Labor day weekend you'll remember! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                           09.02.2017

Good Morning! We had a great Friday! I'm so thrilled with the growth of our shop! Yesterday we had a great visit with the local Police finishing up a project we did with them! Plans are already underway for next years event! So proud to help out! Jackie was busy selling Koala furniture! Give her a call if you are looking for a new sewing room addition! We were pretty busy for a Holiday weekend! I wonder if it will continue today? We did have some customers bringing guests by for a visit! Even non quilters love to see the shop and Burlington City! Stop in for a coffee at the newest business in the city, Evermore! I sent some of the staff to try it yesterday! We're loving it! Have a great weekend! See you at the shop!

Friday                                         09.01.2017

Good Morning! It's been quite a week! All eyes have been on Houston and we all are hopeful that things are improving! We are scheduled to go to Houston in October for Quilt Market. I wonder if things will be back to near normal by then. It's been a good week so far! Yesterday another customer decided to purchase an Innova Long arm machine! I also sold another Brother Dream Machine earlier this week! I'm ordering more! Everybody wants one! I'm looking forward to the Holiday weekend! We will be closed on Monday! Have a great time and don't forget to pop in and visit if you get the chance! Bring your visiting friends to Burlington for a great cup of coffee at Evermore Coffee Shop and a lovely visit to our historic city! See you at the shop!

Monday                                         08.28.2017

Good Morning! We had a great weekend in the shop! Saturday featured 3 classes! Sunday featured a Bernina Sewing machine sale and lots of shoppers! Our ScanNCut friends are really coming up with great projects and ideas for classes. I think we're going to have to add some new products. Don't miss out on the fun! Get your ScanNcut and lets get started! Saturday was Rob's Birthday! It was fun to get all the students and shoppers to take a break and sing Happy Birthday in the classroom! Rob got an emergency text and came hurrying in! We really surprised him! Thanks to all who took the time to participate! It looks like a beautiful day to visit Burlington! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                 08.24.2017

Good Morning! Have plans for the weekend? It's a great time to visit Olde City Quilts! We are welcoming a Floriani educator to the shop! She will be helping all those that recently purchased the Floriani software! This visit is also to enlighten us on our new venture with Brother and Floriani! So guess what that means!!! Tremendous savings on the Floriani software! That's right you can enjoy the class, learn all about it and purchase the software at a huge discount that we received as new dealers! Don't let this event pass you by! Click here for details! Yesterday we sold another Innova Long Arm! I really look forward to exciting things coming from our new friend in Pennsylvania! It's a beautiful morning and I can't wait to get this day started! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                  08.22.2017

Good Morning! We had a terrific Monday in the shop! So many new visitors! Rob is getting the Long arm room back in order! I'm also working hard trying to get new and fun events going in the classroom! Stay tuned! We're off to start an exciting Tuesday! See you at the shop!

Monday                                           08.21.2017

Good Morning! We're home safely from our trip to Manchester, NH! I met several new friends in my long arm classes! We had a great time and will soon be delivering more Innova machines! Rob was able to make 2 deliveries while we were in the area! Shirley also visited with several customers to give them some advice and training! We also got to spend time with Ophelia Chang who will be a great help selling long Arm machines in that area! Today we will begin unpacking! So many thanks to our staff at the shop as well as Shirley who is so hard working! We couldn't do half of what we do without her! Thanks to Anthony and Gloria who took turns watching Charlie for us while we were away! Thanks everyone! Have a great day and enjoy the eclipse! See you at the shop! 

Wednesday                                    08.17.2017

Good Morning! We are ready for the opening of the Mancuso show in Manchester NH! We really hope to have an exciting show! Shirley has been busy visiting Innova customers and Rob completed one new set up and has one more to go before we head home. We hope to make some more sales here because we are really enjoying coming to this area! Thanks to the team keeping the shop together at home. Jackie has been busy selling Bernina Sewing machines! Stop in to see her. She'll be thrilled to help you find the right one! Gotta run! Have a great day! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                         08.13.2017

Good Morning! What a great Saturday! New owner training for our Brother Dream Machines went great! I saw a lot of happy customers! Today is gorgeous and a perfect day to enjoy all that Burlington has to offer! Our trip to Manchester NH and the Mancuso show there begins today as Rob will finish packing the Penske truck and head north! He will be making a stop on Monday to install an Innova Auto Pilot! After the show he has another Innova delivery to complete! We also are bringing Charlie to the shop today! Our usual dog watcher will be unavailable while we're gone, so he's having a play date to make sure he gets along with Anthony's dog! It should be exciting! See you at the shop!

Friday                                              08.11.2017

Good Morning! Are you ready for an exciting weekend? The summer is quickly drawing to a close! Make your way to Burlington for some fun and excitement! We've been busy with our kids camp which wraps up today! We also have been checking in all of our new Floriani and Alex Anderson Quilters Select inventory! So much came in, it felt like we were opening a new shop! So many new items! It was great to greet some customers who were visiting and found our Pre-wound bobbins in various colors by Quilters Select! They were just what she was looking for! It seems as though word is spreading about Brother machines and all of our new items! I'm amazed how many Brother customers are seeking us out for repairs too! I was also excited to deliver new Bernina machines to 2 customers yesterday! Talk about exciting! Stop in next Saturday to add a ScanNcut to your collection of machines! We have a demo scheduled and the fee will be deducted from your same day purchase of a ScanNcut! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                                  08.09.2017

Good Morning! It's an absolutely beautiful morning! I'll look forward to a busy day! I think if I were visiting the shop today I'd have lunch or dinner at Curtins or Riverview! Don't miss a great opportunity to enjoy our shop and a beautiful day on the waterfront! I'm off to get started again! It's hard to believe that our kids camp is flying by again! They even enjoyed sewing on leather! I'll have to post some pictures today! Have a great day! See you at the

Tuesday                              08.08.2017

Good Morning! What a great week in the shop! Kids Camp is underway! We have another great group of young kids enjoying themselves! Stop by and peek in if you get the chance! We continue to be really busy and are hopefully ready for a big week in Manchester New Hampshire! Rob is trying to figure out how big a truck he needs to get all his work done! He has to deliver 2 machines and go to the Quilt show with machines! I really have to run! So much to do including finishing up a project that Pat Sloan invited me to participate in! Have a great day and I'll see you at the shop!

Friday                                     08.04.2017

Good Morning! Wow! What a downpour last night! We had a few small leaks pop up that we never had before! Rob and I spent about an hour or so moving items to keep them dry! I think we did OK! The roads were a different story! I saw a fire department rescue raft on High Street! Once we got out of Burlington things were fine! Before the rain started, we got a huge product delivery from Floriani! This is directly related to the event we had across the street recently! That event convinced me that we needed to expand our inventory to meet the needs of the embroidery community! The rack of thread we got is starting to fill up! I'm really interested in the many shade variations that are available! The delivery was so large it felt like I was opening the shop all over again! We also have all of the Alex Anderson items which I'm finding I really like too! Especially that rotary cutter! Stop in and check out the shop this weekend! Pick up an embroidery machine if you don't have one! Margie has the best embroidery classes and projects! I promise more is coming! It's a beautiful morning! I'm getting my day started! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                                 08.02.2017

Good Morning! We are awfully busy lately! I'm excited to begin organizing more events and utilize our tremendous classroom space to provide exciting opportunities! I have 2 machines left over from our huge weekend event! They are available at a great price! If you've shopped at all you'll know it's a great deal! This is a great time to get a friend involved in quilting! They can buy a top of the line machine for a reasonable price! I'd say that someone could really hit the ground running! I'm off to get another day started! Stop in and visit if you get the chance! See you at the shop!

Monday                                   07.31.2017

Good Morning! We're back! We got to the shop about noon yesterday! Rob unpacked the truck, while I checked on things and pitched in before picking up our golden retriever Charlie! We had a great time in Maine! It was a small show that gave us a little time to relax too! We will be heading right back to a show in Manchester New Hampshire in 2 weeks! I'm also working to schedule some events, one with Floriani, one with Bernina and one with Sew Batik! Don't forget we have a great day with Alex Veronelli of Aurifil thread coming up in September! Alex travels to America from Italy and will spend the day as a shop assistant! He wants to interact with customers! Make your plans to stop in and enjoy visiting with one of the best celebrities in the quilting world! Alex has a wonderful sense of humor! We will end the day with his lecture! It should really be a memorable event! Ok! I have a full day ahead of me! Stop in if you get the chance! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                 07.29.2017

Good Morning! It's our last morning in Maine! Today we visit with all of our new friends at the show! Tonight we will pack everything and begin our trip home! My plan is to drive about 3 hours and then stop. In the morning we'll resume the journey. Rob will probably hope I fall asleep so he can keep going! Wish us luck! We have quite a few people looking at machines and expect to return to Maine and deliver Innova machines soon! I also have made some plans for new events coming up! Thanks to all of you back home who made it a great day in the shop as well! Shirley sold another Brother Dream Machine too! So happy to be helping so many customers find the right machine for them! See you at the shop!

Friday                                      07.28.2017

Good Morning! The show in Maine is underway and fun! It's really beautiful here too! We are meeting new friends and Innova machines are pretty popular! I think we'll have some new sales soon! The show here closes at 5 pm which was nice! It gave us an opportunity to head out and find a nice restaurant on the Kennebec River! We sat on the deck under a canopy. It got exciting when a brief rain shower passed through! It's time to get another day started! See you at the shop!


Wednesday                                  07.25.2017

Good Morning! Today I woke up in Maine! It was a long day spent preparing to go and finally travelling! Now we have to set up our booth for the Quilt show in Augusta Maine! It's so exciting to travel in remote areas where the stars look so beautiful at night! I want to thank Shirley for selling an Innova while we were on the road and congratulations Lisa! Wish us more luck at the show! We have another long day ahead! See you at the shop!

Monday                                       07.24.2017

Good Morning! Thanks to everyone that helped make our weekend a great success! We sold a lot of machines at our Brother event, which was really exciting! We also didn't sell all that we had! That's good news for everyone that might want one! There is a little catch, you have to act fast! We will be shipping these out very soon! Get them before they are used for a second time! I'll be ready to give you a great deal on a machine to save the shipping charges! We already have some Floriani merchandise in the shop! I have to figure out where to put that too! Have a great day! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                   07.23.2017

Good Morning! What a busy weekend! The shop has been buzzing the entire time! Our big event is wrapping up today! Several people have already taken advantage of our unbelievable special pricing on Brother Dream Machines II! Don't be afraid to show up and get the same fantastic deal! I really think it is a value that will likely not be repeated! We can't talk about the price, but even our employees are taking advantage of the savings! We also have great deals on Scan and Cut machines! If you can't make it, give us a call! We will be able to help you! Sorry, If I didn't give you enough notice! I've been so busy I just realized I didn't make it widely known that the savings were available to everyone, not just our attendees! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                                      07.19.2017

Good Morning! People are still phoning us to join the event this weekend! I wish we could help! It is being handled by the staff in Tennessee! Hopefully it will end up being sold out! We also hope to host more events like this in the future! I'm really excited to see what we can do with all of our friends across the quilting industry! Thank you all for your participation and proving that Burlington NJ is a great quilting destination! See you at the shop!

Monday                                      07.17.2017

Good Morning! The Big Week has arrived! Jamie Wallen will be arriving! As well as the Sewing/Embroidery event across the street! As usual we will be busy getting everything together. Rob and I had a great weekend! Saturday night we celebrated my Birthday as well as the first wedding anniversary of Rob Jr. and Brittany! We had a great meal and a lovely time! Sunday we took a rare day off and didn't get much accomplished. I think we feel a little recharged so we'll be back at it again today! We really won't get much rest for the next few weeks! I hope you'll be stopping in soon! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                     07.15.2017

Good Morning! Our busiest summer ever! Thank you all so much! Much more excitement to come! Yesterday we had a great conversation with a local business person! Her shop is expanding to include more arts! Our little Burlington continues to grow! Savings alert! We have some classroom machines available! Our friends at Assemble in Haddonfield have been using them and we are ready to pass them on to our friends! You might want to check them out before they get offered to the visitors coming next weekend! On another front, our Facebook page just passed 38,000 likes! Isn't that incredible! Our shop reaches folks all around the world! Call to let us know if you're planning a visit! As a shop owner, the number one thing I hear from customers is "I wish you were closer"! We wish we were too! Our shop can easily handle large groups. We have even planned meals and activities for bus groups! Mention the idea to your guild! We'd love to have you all for a visit! See you at the shop!

Friday                                        07.14.2017

Good Morning! Another weekend is upon us! Are you coming this weekend or next? How about both! I am really enthused for our events! Jamie Wallen's classes have really filled up! Our Quilters are in for a treat! Everyone loved him and his last visit! It will be great to see him and Rich again! Then we head right off to Maine where he is teaching again! The Sewing/Embroidery event is almost set! People have been phoning the shop to ask about last minute slots! We honestly don't know! We are not organizing the event. We are thankful that the sponsors chose Burlington NJ to hold their event! Hopefully they'll love Burlington as much as we do and plan more events in the future! Francescos has planned the lunch menu! Call and wrap up those last few spots! I just learned that the organizers are bringing 9 associates! That's a lot of help! Get ready Burlington! New Jersey's Best Quilting destination! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                  07.13.2017

Good Morning! Thank you all for another exciting day in Burlington! It's always great to point our visitors to our favorite local restaurants! We also got to match up another customer with her new Bernina! Rob Jr. turned out a fantastic custom embroidery job for a first birthday party! Don't forget to take advantage of his fantastic digitizing skills and artistic eye to make your projects complete! Next week is going to be really busy! I'm planning to offer sales and extended shop hours while we are invaded by students from all over! We even had a customer from 2 hours away visit as a practice run for next week! I think I have a lot of work to do! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                                    07.12.2017

Good Morning! Yesterday was a perfect day to receive our Row by Row winning quilt! Stop in and check it out! Congratulations Cindy Marks! We are getting geared up for our big events next week! We have a couple of slots left in Jamie Wallens classes! I still haven't heard that the sewing class is sold out! So make those last minute decisions! Final arrangements include lunch provided by Francescos! It should be a great time! This week is the annual Bernina University Event and we have a representative (Jackie) in Las Vegas working hard, getting excited and bringing back ideas and events! It's going to be a great year and I look forward to providing events to keep you connected to friends and embracing new ideas! See you at the shop!

Friday                                              07.07.2017

Good Morning! Is this the fastest week in history? Wow! I can't believe it's Friday and it looks like a great day to a little shopping in Burlington NJ! Row by Row is bringing a steady flow of visitors which is greatly appreciated! I have a few errands to attend to before heading to the shop! Today is one of our final super sew Fridays! We are looking forward to starting some new programs or events to keep you visiting shopping and having fun with us! I have enjoyed hearing some suggestions for new programs and hope to be trying some new things soon! Meanwhile, I haven't been told that the Hands on sewing event is sold out yet! I'm a little surprised! The last sign ups were fast and furious! Join 50+ new friends who have signed up for a fun day in the Meetinghouse! I saw a lot of new names on the list! I can't wait! In addition we have quickly almost sold out Jamie Wallens visit which occurs at the same time! Talk about a destination! Burlington is the most exciting place to be July 21 - 23! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                                         07.05.2017

Good Morning! I really enjoyed my day off! How about you? It definitely went way too fast, but I am excited to get right back to work! There is so much to do! Our events will be here before we know it! Jamie Wallen has nearly sold out his classes and the event across the street has less then 10 seats to go! Let's get them filled up! It's going to be a huge weekend in Burlington July 21-23! We should be welcoming 70 or so students and teachers each day! I'll have to work on some specials! Row by Row is really going well too! We've sold a lot of kits! So far, we've had a visitor from Alabama and one from Florida! I'm off to start another exciting day! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                07.04.2017


Monday                                07.03.2017

Good Morning! This morning I'm thrilled to say it was a great Sunday in the shop! I wasn't expecting to be very busy, but we had quite a good day! I enjoyed selling a Koala cabinet to one customer, while another was finalizing her Bernina purchase! We ended the day with a nice visit with a customer up until we closed! This morning we're open again! I wonder what the day will bring? We are planning to close at 4pm! We will take the day off tomorrow for the Holiday! By the way I heard from RNK, the event organizers (July 21- 23). They've opened a few more slots! Only 10! What do you say? See you at the shop!

Sunday                                   07.02.2017

Good Morning! How is your weekend going? We will be open regular hours 11-4 today! Tomorrow we will be available 10 - 4 !  Stop in and visit when you can! Happy Fourth of July Holiday weekend! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                07.01.2017

Good Morning! The Fourth of July weekend has arrived! Are you travelling for the Holiday? Are you bringing your friends to the shop this weekend? I'm excited to see what happens! I know some folks are planning to pop in! I also found another interested Innova shopper! I'd like to thank all of our past Innova buyers! Our six month numbers for 2017 show our location is among the top dealers and the busiest on the east coast! Thank you all for your support!! I'm so excited to keep growing and am so excited to welcome Jamie Wallen back to share his extensive knowledge! He will be here shortly! Don't miss a great opportunity! I'm off to get my day underway! See you at the shop! 

Friday                              06.30.2017

Good Morning! Well, we are really recharged after a beautiful unplanned day off! We traveled to Ocean City NJ! After a stroll on the boards we found a great little place to order Mussels (Dr. Nicoll's favorite). They actually were playing Sinatra music while we were there, another fave! Unbelievably, we left as they were playing My Way which summed him up completely! We found a spot on the beach for a few minutes of quiet reflection. The day couldn't have been scripted better, especially when I beat Rob at Mini Golf and 10 games of Skee-Ball before leisurely driving home on back roads! I owe a big thank you to my terrific staff for holding everything together for me and enabling a wonderful day! See you at the shop!

Thursday                              06.29.2017

Good Morning! The final countdown for our July 21-23 event is here or perhaps has already passed! I highly recommend signing up today if possible! Today, Rob and I are going to spend a day away from the shop. My intention is to fulfill a pledge I made to my former father in law, who passed away yesterday. I remained close to him following my divorce and even Rob referred to him as Dad Nicoll. Dr. Nicoll was quite a character. He was also my boss when I worked as a nurse in his office. He always encouraged me to continue my education and was instrumental in my care and recovery after I was injured in a serious auto accident years ago. I'll miss him and his personality terribly. He always worried about us working every day. His wish was that we would enjoy a day off to honor his memory. So, Rob and I will be leaving in a few minutes...See you at the beach.

Wednesday                                       06.28.2017

Good Morning! What a beautiful morning! I wish they could all be this spectacular! I am so excited about the progress of our shop! I'm really excited about our Brother machines! Brother machines are already showing up for repairs and maintenance! Also so many customers are telling us about their Brother machines! I'm really glad we are going to be able to assist more of you! If you are looking for a new machine Brother has a sale coming up July 7 - 22! If you love Disney You have to love Brother Embroidery! I'm off to start another exciting day in Burlington! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                               06.25.2017

Good Morning! The yard sale marches on! I owe a big Thank You to my helpers! We have some awesome friends who really step up when it's needed most! I can't thank you enough! I have some good news! If you haven't made it yet, there is still time to find some great deals! We have a few of our highly discounted surplus machines and plenty of fabric! Many people are buying the machines as gifts for younger family members to get them sewing! How great is that? We also had a fantastic day selling Bernina and Brother machines! We offer show deals all the time, so there is no need to wait! We have been recognized as a top Bernina dealer and service location since 2006! We are now an official repair center for Brother! We look forward to a long relationship with them too! Another big thanks to our many loyal customers who have made this all possible! Well, I'm looking out at a beautiful morning! I hope you are preparing to head to Burlington NJ for a really great day! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                06.24.2017

Good Morning! It's a rainy, hazy, lazy kind of day! It's simply a perfect day to hit the yard sale! We have plenty left after our opening day! We had several people waiting for the doors to open and I don't think the traffic slowed all day! We had 50's music playing in the shop and we all had a great time! I can't wait to get back and do it all again! I also sold another Innova with Navigator computerized system! We'll be having her teach soon and hope to get her more involved with our sales! Stay tuned! We had a few more sign ups for the July event! Less then 30 days to plan your visit! Hope to see you here! We have been selling off some of our overstock sewing machines during the sale! I lost track but I think we sold 5! Fantastic bargains! We only have a handful left! Well, I have to get going! As usual, I found another change I wanted to make in the shop, so we started that last night and need to finish this morning! See you at the sale!

Thursday                                       06.22.2017

Good Morning! I've been busy planning our yard sale! Stop in this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I've been clearing out my stash and organizing things that we forgot we had that need to find new homes! The creative juices are really flowing at the shop! I'm so excited to start planning new events that continue to educate and entertain you guys! We also have so many opportunities to promote our Bernina and Brother sewing machines that we haven't been utilizing! We are still hoping to get more attendees for the event July 21 - 23 at the Meeting house just across from the shop! The organizers have shared their list of attendees and many of you have not signed up yet! Don't miss out on a fun learning opportunity! So many customers pass on an event then realize later they wish they had attended! Make some time for you! This is meant to educate so don't be afraid that you don't know enough! This is being held by an organization that comes highly recommended! When we met with the organizers they were choosing the team to come to our shop and were trying to schedule their very best presenters! Let's make this a great event and know that they will return with new events in the future! Group discount room rates have been provided at a local hotel! Ok, that's my sales pitch and I have to get my day started! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                                 06.21.2017

Quilters! Start your engines! It's time to begin your 2017 Row by Row experience! We are excited to be participating again and have had the most fun getting ready for this years event! I hope you get the chance to visit us and pick up your row! This week is flying by already! Tuesday we had a group of ladies visit and they had a great time shopping! We also had a Bernina sale going on while the group was there! Talk about a busy Tuesday! The Bernina sale brought a smile to my face because a mother was buying the machine for her daughter who was interested in sewing! It's so great to see young people getting involved! Today is a wonderful day to get out and visit Burlington! We'll be waiting! See you at the shop! 

Tuesday                                     06.20.2017

Good Morning! We are busy little bees getting ready for Row by Row! We're really loving the theme and our Row! We also are having fun with our alternate projects! It all begins tomorrow! Several shoppers popped in trying to start early! They were all turned away! We all have to follow the rules to continue to participate in this fun event! We are making a really cute display for Row by Row! Rob is letting me use his grandfathers business sign and his fathers old S&H Green stamps sign! I hope I can find a way to make them work in the display! Rob was in Connecticut yesterday! Liz Haskell is getting ready to open her Frolicking Threads Quilting studio in Durham Ct! She is featuring her 26" Innova Auto Pilot and will be offering her 22" Innova equipped with Panto Vision for rental! Look for Liz to help you buy your own Innova too, with the full support of Olde City Quilts! It's really getting exciting around here! Have you joined the event in July yet? What are you waiting for? We have seen sign ups from NY to Virginia! Plenty of room to join the fun but time is running out! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                      06.17.2017

Good Morning! We had another wonderful day in the shop! I loved seeing that our shoppers mostly came in groups! I hope that means you were visiting local restaurants too! Rob is putting together another Innova for delivery to Connecticut on Monday! Liz Haskell is opening a storefront that will offer an opportunity to test out Innovas! This should be great news for our New England friends! Shirley and I also spent some time showing off our own Innova machines! Hopefully I'll be reporting more sales soon! Shirley is so good at explaining the Auto Pilot and Navigator systems! I also checked in with the company holding the event on July 21-23 at the meeting house! They said they still have plenty of room left! I know everyone is busy this time of year with graduations, beach visits and weddings but let's not forget to make some time for sewing fun! OK! It's an overcast/rainy day! Perfect day to hang out at Olde City Quilts! See you at the shop!

Friday                                    06.16.2017

Good Morning! Here comes the weekend! We're having a great June! I've spent the last 2 days meeting with fabric reps and I'm so excited to see the new fabrics that will be heading to the shop! I'm scheduled to meet with more Innova buyers too! We are really having a great year as more and more people recognize the quality of Innova Long Arm machines! The competition is revising their offerings, but I think it's too little too late! We've been working with them for a few years and are as excited as ever to offer Innova products! How about attending one of our events on the July 21-23 weekend and we will offer show specials on Innovas! You can see them anywhere, but buy them from your friends at Olde City Quilts! It's a great day!! Destination Burlington!! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                            06.13.2017

Good Morning! It didn't feel like a Monday! It did feel nice and cool in the shop though! If you want to get out of the house, come here to beat the heat! Rob came home from his tour of New England! He got right back to work setting up our new Innova Auto Pilot! It never slows down around here! Have you made your plans for July yet? Don't forget to schedule your visit to Burlington! The weekend of July 21 - 23 will feature the huge Sewing and Embroidery event at the meeting house and Long arm Guru Jamie Wallen will be teaching in our shop as well! It doesn't get more exciting then that! Jamie was here once before and we hope to keep him coming back to inspire our customers! The Sewing and Embroidery event has a great reputation and I'm really looking forward to it! We may even be offering fantastic deals on machines! Innova, Bernina and Brother! Wow! It's time to get my day started! Make your day exciting too! See you at the shop!

Saturday                            06.10.2017

Good Morning! We had a great Friday in the shop and today looks like it will be another big day as we welcome our Block of the the month participants! I just checked in with Rob who is loving his adventure in New England! He visited 2 customers, one in Connecticut and the second in Vermont! This morning he is in a hotel room in New Hampshire! Soon he'll be delivering an Innova Auto Pilot system! I have to get to the shop early to get ready for the group! See you at the shop!

Friday                                       06.09.2017

Good Morning! Good things just keep happening! We've been contacted by some folks in New York that are working to organize a bus trip to join the event at the meetinghouse! This event is expected to draw quite a crowd! The teachers are coming in from all over with the main group arriving from Tennessee! Our staff is already bracing for the crowd! Don't hesitate to sign up! I'm sure it will be educational for all of us! This morning, Rob has already started his Innova Long Arm visits to New England! First stop is Connecticut! I hope it all goes smoothly! He has 5 stops to make and he hopes to make them in 3 days! Let's wish him luck! It's a beautiful morning and looks like summer temperatures will be here this weekend! Great time to visit Burlington ! See you at the shop!

Thursday                            06.08.2017

Good Morning! The shop has been really busy! We continue to welcome first time customers. There really are a lot of quilters out there!! It's really great to see an increase in local foot traffic too. I am setting up a demo area in the front of the shop to help attract even more new quilters! It's really great to see the growth in Burlington as more people take the time to visit our great destination area! We have busy days ahead. Rob is getting ready to head to New England for some customer service appointments and 2 deliveries! Yesterday he got the van serviced and today he has to get it packed up!  Don't forget to sign up for our huge weekend in July! We will feature long arm lessons with Jamie Wallen as well as an embroidery event at the meetinghouse with guest instructors! The company is providing a gift bag with a value of $499 in exchange for your registration fee! I just got an E mail that registrations are pouring in so don't get left out of the fun! It's going to be a great weekend in July! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                    06.06.2017

Good Morning! Our week got off to a great start! Thanks to all who visited yesterday! Have you seen the event that is coming to the Meeting house across the street? Our new relationship with Brother Sewing Machines has led us to meet R and K productions! They asked if we would welcome their educational team to town! We thought it seemed like a great idea! They were so excited they scheduled us right away! Everyone is invited to attend! It is not a brand exclusive event! We know it's short notice, but that's our favorite way to get things done! So spend a few days in the area! If we all agree this event is fun and exciting it will be the first of many I'm sure! Let's make this a success! Time to get moving and make it a great day! See you at the shop!

Monday                             06.05.2017

Good Morning! I'm ready for an exciting new week in the shop! We are really gearing up for this years Row by Row! We got our row submitted just before the deadline as usual! The fun revs up later this month and we will be excited to offer our row and at least one special project to utilize the row! Rob will be busy preparing for some Innova deliveries! Progress is also being made on an Innova location in Durham, Connecticut! Our friend Liz Haskell, of Frolicking Threads Quilting Studio is moving her Innova to a Brick and Mortar location and adding a second Long Arm! She will be offering Innovas for sale with the full backing of Olde City Quilts! Congratulations Liz! So, Liz and I will both be happy to see you at the shop!


Saturday                               06.03.2017

Good Morning! Our Friday got off to a great start! Several personal appointments got accomplished and everything is going smoothly! We were actually able to visit the shop in the afternoon following our morning appointment! Today is starting out a little overcast but the weather reports claim it's going to be a beautiful day! I say get started and plan a visit to Burlington! We always have some fun and excitement going on! Isn't it time to upgrade your sewing machine anyway? I think you should come and see what we can do for you! See you at the shop!

Friday                                 06.02.2017

Good Morning! Another weekend is upon us quickly! Do you have plans? I'm looking forward to a busy weekend! I won't be in the shop first thing this morning. We have an appointment early and then we'll see how the rest of the day goes! I hope a visit to Burlington is on your calendar! We had a visitor recently from Massachusetts who absolutely loved the area! Remember we have a beautiful Bed & Breakfast (The Lily Inn) that will really make your visit great! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                 06.01.2017

Good Morning and welcome to June! I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support and I am looking forward to our busiest summer ever! Our training on Brother went well and I was amazed to see the some of the tricks the Dream machine can do! I think I see a lot of fun new classes coming! I'm looking forward to welcoming all Brother customers to our shop! We will be offering the same expert service that we have provided and will continue to provide our Bernina customers! I really think this combination of machines will satisfy all shoppers! With all that's going on I have to slow down for a second. It's always so sad to lose a friend of the shop and unfortunately it has happened. Our prayers go out to the family and her presence in the shop will be missed. 

Wednesday                               05.31.2017

Good Morning! Did you have a wonderful weekend? We were really busy in the shop! Another Brother (Our first Dream Machine II) machine is sold! I'm so excited to match one of our customers with the machine she has been coveting! Today we have a little behind the scenes training with Brother! I know the machines are pretty user friendly so hopefully I won't be too lost! I have to run! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                            05.27.2017

Good Morning! Thank you to everyone for a great Friday! It was great talking about Montana with an old friend! She was shocked to learn I knew the quilters and shops she is now interacting with in Montana! Rob will be off delivering an Innova in Delaware! The shop is just bubbling with excitement! We are expecting a busy day! Although our Bernina sewing machines continue to be our specialty, Brother machines are causing a lot of excitement! I am enjoying getting to know them! Well, it's a beautiful morning and I hope you are going to make it out to the shop as part of your Memorial Day weekend! Visit the waterfront and maybe Curtin's! Great to pop in before it gets too hot! See you at the shop!

Friday                                        05.26.2017

Good Morning! More machine sales! Is everyone upgrading? It's really been great matching everyone up with the perfect machine! This morning I received an e mail from another customer who is shopping for a Bernina! We also are hosting one of our Innova buyers this weekend! She will be completing her training and will work as a sales representative in Massachusetts! We also welcomed a lot of shoppers and unpacked some exciting deliveries! I have to get to the shop early so I'm off to start our Holiday weekend! See you at the shop!


Thursday                                    05.25.2017

Good Morning! What a great Wednesday in the shop! Selling two Berninas always makes a great day! We also were busy helping plan a big event that will be coming to Burlington in July! I definitely made progress opening our remodeled room! Today I hope to start returning fabrics to it! It's hard to imagine that it took us so long to "fix" this room! It still has a lot of potential, but it is a great improvement! It all started with Rob wanting to take down a wall! Then removing the never used bathroom made sense! Next we found it was possible to raise the ceiling! Finally a useless wall was easily removed! The biggest issue was a major difference in floor levels. That's when Burlington's construction expert Matt Pennisi was called in to complete a great ramp to bridge the gap! In typical Matt fashion he added a small bench that adds an Olde City flair! We still have more patching and painting to do, but we are really happy with the renewed space! Today we're off to do a little shopping for shop needs. We'll be in as quick as we can! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                                 05.24.2017

Good Morning! Things are really moving quickly around the shop! It's going to be our busiest summer ever filled with events! We are still recovering form our trip to St Louis! We did get some things accomplished in the shop and around our house too! It's an exciting time for leather in the industry! Everyday I see more projects on Cathy Wiggins new Facebook page, Leather is my Passion! Check it out if you are going to be giving the leather a try! It looks like a rainy Wednesday! A fantastic day to visit Burlington! Stop in and visit our regular Wednesday group! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                     05.23.2017

Good Morning! Monday was a travel home day! Rob began his journey shortly after we packed the van on Sunday! I flew home on Monday. Rob managed to beat me here! He was too tired to unpack so we have that ahead of us this morning. Fortunately we didn't have that much to pack because we really were busy selling what we brought! According to most visitors our booth was the talk of the show! Even Tula Pink stopped in and bought some leather! I'll be excited to see how leather continues to grow in the quilting industry! Thanks for supporting Olde City Quilts, because we couldn't have done this without the strong base of our customers! Let's get another exciting day underway! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                      05.21.2017

Good Morning! We are up early and heading out to a breakfast meeting! It's really been a great time here in St. Louis! So many shops will be introducing leather to their customers! Today is the final day of the show! I can't imagine it could get better then it's been but you never know! I'll be heading home shortly! See you all at the shop!

Saturday                                    05.20.2017

Good Morning! Just checking in! We're having a great time in St. Louis at the International Quilt Market! The excitement over leather is unbelievable! It sounds like everything is going well back at the shop! I can't wait to get there in a couple of days! See you at the shop!

Monday                                 05.15.2017

Good Morning! I hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day! I did! There was a little disappointment as we didn't get the message out to everyone that we were going to be closed for the day. So sorry to those shoppers who apparently drove quite far to visit us. I wish there was something we could have done. Today is a beautiful morning and I'm heading in early to get back to business! I have to pack everything for Quilt Market! Rob will be driving our supplies to St Louis tomorrow! I'm not as excited this time as our booth is off in a corner rather then centrally located, hopefully everyone will find us! Let's make it a great week! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                    05.13.2017

Good Morning! It is a rainy day but will be sew cozy in the quilt shop! Come spend the day with our kennel quilts crew! We'll be turning out beds and blankets for our local animal shelter! Stop by to help or bring some scraps or old fabrics to donate to the cause! Today also seems like the best day to come and shop for a new machine! We have great deals right now on Brother, Bernina and Innova machines! Having more machines means better options for you! Don't forget that we offer the best program for beginning quilters! Buy your first machine here and you will easily grow with us! I can't wait to help you today! See you at the shop!

Friday                                   05.12.2017

Good Morning! I am so excited! Things are really picking up in the shop! Our friend Matt has arrived to add a gentle transition into our room that we were recently remodeling! His plan meshed perfectly with my vision and I can't wait to see the finished product! I hope you're on your way to visit this weekend! Innova has been dominating our week! Yesterday Rob installed an auto Pilot upgrade to a machine he installed just a few short months ago! Today he will be dismantling a Gammill while our friends begin their move to a new home! He still has a huge list of Innova customers to visit! Burlington City is continuing to grow too! A few new businesses are popping up, including signs that a new restaurant will occupy the space next door! Rob spied Pepsi workers setting up their products for the new venture! It's really a great time to be in Burlington! See you at the shop!


Monday                                    05.08.2017

Good Morning! We had another fabulous weekend in the shop! I was in the mood for change so I sold off some display items! Some people got some great deals! I want everyone to know that I have some great gifts for Mothers day! Get your last minute shoppers to stop by and pick up our special gift items that will make your day! I also have a few Bernina Cotton & Steel machines specially priced to go quickly! I also want to see some of our Brand new Brother machines roll out the door! Especially the embroidery only machine! What a great way to get your embroidery journey underway! I know you want to join in the fun Margie provides with her fantastic projects! Get started now so you will be prepared to complete those Christmas projects! Time to run! Have a great day and I'll see you at the shop!

Friday                                              05.05.2017

Good Morning! Busy, busy Thursday! We shipped out 9 rolls of batting, an Innova machine heading to Montana, plus lots of small odds and ends! We got our entire Hobbs Batting order in the building! Plus received a huge Quilters dream order! The Innova delivery was really big! In addition our new 58" TV arrived which we set up to assist Shirley's Auto Pilot training! It's great! We have been setting up our Brother machines and are enjoying getting familiar with a different product then our Bernina machines! Today we are welcoming Roland Poole and his wife to the shop! Roland is handling maintenance and deliveries in the New England area for us! He is coming to get more familiar with the Innova after spending some time with us and the Innova techs while we were in New Hampshire for MQX! We also are eagerly awaiting the opening of a shop in Connecticut that will work with us in selling Innovas! Today should be another busy day and we are expecting a huge group to visit tomorrow! I definitely have to get this day started! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                         05.04.2017

Good Morning! Wow!! What a Wednesday! Rob installed an Innova in Pa.! Meanwhile, we got our first order of Brother Sewing machines! I'm pretty excited to set them up and get started! Also, our long awaited delivery of Hobbs batting arrived! We'll be busy unloading that today! The shop was unbelievably busy! It may have been our busiest Wednesday ever! Time really flies on days like that! We have a lot to do so I'm anxious to get started! Come on out and make it a great Thursday! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                                       05.03.2017

Good Morning! It's a beautiful day! Jen and I were busy rearranging and reorganizing yesterday! We are preparing for the arrival of our Brother sewing machines! I'm going to ask you all to start spreading the word that we are now the best place to buy your Brother sewing machines too! We think our combination of Bernina and Brother is unbeatable! We will have a machine for everyone! Yesterday, the husband of a visitor uttered the familiar phrase...I wish you were closer to us... We really do love to hear this, but yesterday there was a twist! He went for a walk through the neighborhood and visited the riverfront! He came back and said, forget what I said! We'll come visit you! This place is fantastic! We'll bring our friends here! Congratulations Burlington! You are coming back! I have to get started! Head to Burlington! See you at the shop!

Monday                                 05.01.2017

Good Morning! It's May! Another year is flying by! It's time to pop in the shop and start planning some projects before you get too busy with summer activities! Rob will be heading to Pa. to install an Innova Auto Pilot on Wednesday and he's hoping to get to NYC to install a second one over the weekend! We're also hoping to squeeze in an upgrade to Auto Pilot in Pa too ASAP! That's a busy week! I'm off to get my day started! Have a great one and I'll see you at the shop!


Friday                               04.28.2017

Good Morning! I am particularly excited this morning! First, it is an absolutely gorgeous morning! Second, I have a big announcement to make! Olde City Quilts is growing again! We have added another line of sewing machines to our shop! Now you can shop for Bernina and Brother Sewing machines! I am really excited to welcome Brother customers to our shop and have already made a few presales! Our machines should arrive next week! We have to schedule Brother training for our technicians but we are confident in our abilities to fulfill all your Brother needs! Next week will be a big week for deliveries! We will be receiving a huge shipment from Innova! Our new Tech who is based in New Hampshire will be visiting to get up to speed on the Innova table assembly! Look for more excitement to come! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                                  04.26.2017

Good Morning! I just love great days in the shop! It was amazing to have a great friend in the shop contemplating trading in her long arm for an Innova with Navigator! At the same time two business people were in and appear ready to purchase their first Innova for their production facility in North Jersey! So exciting! I also have an appointment in a few days with someone who sent an E-mail! I'm so happy that Innova makes such a superior machine that everyone is eager to get one! This morning our next delivery of machines arrives! Rob will be really busy! I hope you have a great day and have time for a visit to Burlington! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                    04.25.2017

Good Morning! Whew! What a busy place Olde City Quilts is! Sunday was unbelievable! Monday included Rob visiting an Innova customer who is considering trading in her 18" Standard machine for a computerized model! Her trade in machine can still be modified to any table length! What a great machine the Innova is! Give me a call and let me know if this might be something you are looking for! I also have appointments with 2 Innova shoppers this morning! It's really getting exciting to be showing everyone Innovas! Remember Innovas are far more affordable then you think! We also sold the first trailer we ever bought for the shop! We used it for shows and small deliveries. I think Rob is going to miss it, but we weren't using it anymore. I think we're going to sell the bigger one too. Rob has been renting Penske trucks for our trips to shows and will probably continue to do so. Time to get moving! It's a great day to visit us! Destination Burlington! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                     04.22.2017

Good Morning! We are bracing for shoppers! This morning we will be prepared for the arrival of several students to take a great class with Debbie Kalenty from Quilter's Obsession! Her classes are really getting popular! I'm proud to be able to present quality instructors to help our customers hone their skills! I'm expecting a busy day! The city seems to be attracting more visitors and I hope we can count on you to visit as well! We may have to begin enticing new customers while they visit Burlington for other purposes! I think sewing and Quilting is growing! I'm also reintroducing a section devoted to precut fabrics! The demand from you all has just been overwhelming! I'll give this another try! Stay tuned as we continue to grow! See you at the shop!

Friday                                          04.21.2017

Good Morning! So far I'm enjoying the steady rain outside my window! I think it will be a wonderful day to spend in a bright and cheery quilt shop! It's been a fantastic week in the shop and hopefully a great weekend will follow! Drag an old project out and join our Friday group today! There's also room in Debbies class tomorrow! She can accept up to 20 students! Let's fill those last few spots! Make it a great day! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                   04.20.2017

Good Morning! Another busy day in the shop! Our arrival at the shop began with Rob noticing immediately that our newest restaurant was open for breakfast! We've been waiting a long time for B-Unos! B-Unos was very popular in another location in town! They chose to move into the growing downtown area! Rob said they were very friendly! We ordered 2 Pork Roll egg and cheese sandwiches to go! The order included hash browns and was only $9.99! They were so large that we will only have to order one next time! The casual dining area looks good too! We have their menu available in the shop for your next visit! We are looking forward to trying the lunch menu as well especially their burgers and Mexican items! Good luck to them as they join our favorite Francescos, Legends, Brickwall and Riverview as our dining destinations! Destination Burlington! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                            04.19.2017

Good Morning! I am totally amazed at the amount of visitors we continue to get! I keep thinking that we'll have some slow days! But you just keep coming! Thanks to everyone for continuing to spread the word! We offer the best sewing machines and the best fabric selection! The best part is we are still growing! Yesterday we were able to sneak out early and visited Home Depot for some supplies for our little make over! All of our new visitors will have to return when we have the entire shop back in good order! I'm ready to start putting things back together! It's another Wednesday! They're always busy! I hope we get something accomplished! Stop by if you get the chance! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                    04.18.2017

Good Morning! What a great weekend! Thanks to all who stopped in and made it such a success! Margies class yesterday was packed! It's so exciting to see all of those embroidery machines running! Everybody is shopping for sewing machines! I continue to sell our new Bernettes! I had to place another order already! Keep telling all your friends that Olde City Quilts is the place to buy machines! It looks like another wonderful day! I can't wait to see what Tuesday will bring! Have a great day and I'll see you at the shop!

Saturday                                     04.15.2017

Good Morning! What a Friday! Thank you very much to all the customers who ventured out to visit Burlington on Friday! We were so busy! I sold a few sewing machines and took in a nice machine as a trade in! We also have buttoned up all of our sales at MQX! 6 Innova machines! Three of them auto pilots! It's not too late to get in on the fun of Long Arm Quilting! We have so much to offer and even more on the way! A long awaited announcement should become official next week! Thanks for continuing to help us grow! We'll be in the shop all day but will be closing tomorrow! I hope you can take advantage of the beautiful weather and visit us today! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                04.13.2017

Good Morning! We are getting back in the swing of things around the shop! Our Innova room was really hopping with rentals! I'm really looking forward to more events and news coming up! I wish we didn't have to plan things so far ahead! I'd rather they could just happen right away! We are going to do a little shopping for supplies on our way in this morning! It's a beautiful day to visit Burlington! See you at the shop!

Monday                                        04.10.2017

Good Morning! It's good to be home! We did have a great time in Manchester NH! We made some new friends and business connections that should really cause some excitement soon! We definitely made some Innova sales! I'm still thinking we may get a few more from the show! Yesterday we got up early and Rob dropped me off at the airport about 7 am. I was early for my flight and had a small flight delay. Rob raced off for OCQ in the big Penske truck! By the time I picked up Charlie and dropped him off at home, I got to the shop about 10 minutes before Rob! I should have just rode with him! The truck is unloaded and returned already! We had a little time to recover last night and are ready to get right back to work today! Thanks again to everyone that kept the shop open for us while we were gone! The remodeling of one of our big rooms has really made things difficult too! I'm sure it will be worth it when it's completed! Thanks also to our customers for putting up with the inconvenience! That's about it for today! Make it a great one! It looks beautiful in NJ! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                        04.08.2017

Good Morning from Manchester New Hampshire! We've been having a great time at the MQX show! Rob was able to visit 2 customers while we were in town! One customer was moving and needed her machine dismantled. The second customer had an upgrade installed! I went along for the ride last night about an hour north of Manchester! It was nice to see some great scenery! Today is the final day of the show and we'll be heading home tomorrow! Innova machines are really popular! We've finalized a couple of sales and expect a few more! Keep your fingers crossed for us! Finally, I can't thank everyone who helped keep the shop open at home! It's been a challenge this time, but as usual the greatest staff, friends and associates kept things moving! I hope you have exciting plans today and I'll see you tomorrow back at the shop!

Wednesday                                    04.05.2017

Good Morning! It's been a busy few days! We packed up a lot of our leather and Innova machines and headed to Manchester NH for MQX! Rob drove a big truck and I flew in last night! Today we get to set everything up! Hopefully we'll make some new friends and sell some Innova Machines! Rob had time to visit a customer in this area yesterday! Wait till you hear this! Suzanne is moving and asked to have her machine dismantled. Rob showed up late in the day and began taking it all apart. Suzanne had entertained trading it in, but decided to move it for now. As Rob was finishing his work, Suzanne got an Email from her Realtor. The home buyer was interested in buying the quilting machine! What are the chances of that? Suzanne is keeping her machine for now! If that Email had come a little sooner, it could have been a different outcome! We're off to start a big day in New Hampshire! Wish us luck! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                    04.01.2017

Good Morning! Happy April Fools day! I am very excited this morning! As usual we had a great Friday in the shop! Rob is busy remodeling one of our big rooms and I'm so looking forward to putting it all back together! Unfortunately, we'll be heading to New Hampshire for MQX which will delay things a bit! I've already received a few phone calls from Innova shoppers in Lancaster! I have a definite sale scheduled for Sunday! I really want to tell you some news about Burlington NJ! Rob and I decided to try out the new restaurant in town! Riverview was a delight! We were shown to the corner window table! The place is very nice! The menu was simple! Bread and butter was delicious ($6). We skipped the small plates and went straight to the entrees! I tried the strip steak and Rob had the bone in Rib Eye ($40-$49). We shared a side of mushrooms. Everything was delicious! Rob thought the steak was very close to the best one he recalls having in Montana! This restaurant is a little out of our price range but we may just have to find a way to visit again soon! Congratulations Burlington! This restaurant is a winner! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                          03.30.2017

Good Morning! Things are really picking up in town! The warmer days are bringing more and more visitors! I am also noticing more people that seem to be learning about the history of Burlington! Even longtime customers are starting to ask questions about the sites in the city! Our embroidery business continues to grow! Our local Bed & Breakfast, The Lily Inn is having luxurious robes embroidered! Don't forget to stay there if you want to spend a weekend mere steps from your favorite quilt shop! Young Rob continues to hear fantastic compliments on his abilities digitizing images! Take advantage of his skills and have that project you always wanted to tackle completed! He is normally in the shop on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons! Have a beautiful day! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                         03.28.2017

Good Morning! Things are really getting busy! I'm excited to head to MQX next week, but don't want to miss all the fun at the shop! We've been busy rearranging part of the shop and hope we can get back to normal before we have to leave! Thanks to everyone who has been so patient with us during this bigger then usual event! Have you noticed the new Bernette by Bernina sewing machines? I think they really look good! They're a great bargain! Easy to operate! Great for beginners or budget minded crafters! Come in and check them out! The machines will be ready for delivery in May! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                        03.25.2017

Good Morning! I'm ready for a great weekend! We are welcoming a quilt group that is visiting the conference center across the street! We also welcomed a lot of first time customers! We keep growing! I also spoke to an Innova shopper who will be checking out Innovas at the show in Lancaster! We won't be the dealer at that show, but remember to visit us for your best deal on Innova machines! We are The closest Innova Long Arm dealer to Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley! Our Bernina sewing machines keep going out the door too! Stop in and join the excitement at Olde City Quilts! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                        03.23.2017

Good Morning! Another week is racing by! I am so happy to see how consistently busy we have been lately! I see more and more cases of folks arriving together or meeting friends at the shop! It really feels great to realize that my little shop has grown to be such a part of so many quilters plans! We enjoy providing a great place and look forward to making it even better! On that note, I have to hurry in again and get back to business! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                                           03.22.2017

Good Morning! The shop has been so busy lately! Yesterday we entertained Innova shoppers! One of them traveled from Maryland's Eastern shore!  It's so exciting to see the amount of people shopping for long Arms! We also made a deal with Ada for a new Bernina! I have to hurry off again because there's just so much to do! I hope you are stopping in soon too! See you at the shop!

Monday                                                             03.20.2017

Good Morning! We had a great time at the Flyers Hockey game last night! We had free VIP parking! Entered through the VIP gate and had a room with food and snacks to enjoy during the game! It was a fun game with a lot of goals a fight and a sudden death finish in overtime! When the game was over we were able to get to our car quickly and were among the first leaving the arena! The whole event was pretty exciting! This morning we are back to normal life and in the shop! Today is the last day of our Bernina sale! Feet and Hoops are 25% off! I also have great prices on new machines! Hurry in and let's make it a great Monday and a great first day of Spring! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                          03.19.2017

Good Morning! We had a great day on Saturday! I think everyone popped in at some  point! Debbie's class was great as usual! Margie was bringing everyone up to speed on the block of the month! She's fantastic! We also welcomed Mary and her group that are sewing dresses for young girls who are in need of clothing in foreign nations. The shop was hopping with activity! Sewing machines were on a lot of minds! Our new line of Bernette machines attracted a lot of attention! We really have a nice selection of machines to choose from! Today we'll be heading to the shop while looking forward to tonight! We've been invited to enjoy a Philadelphia Flyers Hockey game in one of the suites! This is a gathering of folks that assisted the Flyers Wives Charities! We are always honored and happy to help! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                                 03.18.2017

Good Morning! Are you all set for the weekend? We'll be busy with some visiting groups and classes! We've been preparing for our next show for Innova at MQX in Manchester New Hampshire! We also are making plans for one in Maine with Jamie Walen and another big show with the Innova machines for Mancuso in August! There should be ample opportunity for our Northeast friends to take some great classes and try out the Innovas! I have to run! See you at the shop!

Friday                                                          03.17.2017

Good Morning! We have been so busy in the shop! As usual I really need to thank my awesome staff! We've been rearranging the fabric a bit and our block of the month in leather is really keeping us busy! We have really been impressed with our Bernina sales! Sales have been so good that Bernina is having trouble keeping dealers stocked! Bernina is delivering an E-16 embroidery machine that Rob Jr sold to a happy customer! Finally, Rob is heading out this morning to install an Innova Long Arm with the Auto Pilot Mach 3! Things have been a little hectic, but so far we are still sailing along! It should be another great day to visit Burlington! Make your plans to visit soon! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                                 03.16.2017

Good Morning! We'll be back in the shop today! We did have a few participants show up for our Sewcial Wednesday! Very impressive! We've stayed busy shipping out our Leather block of the month orders and answering the phone! You should be able to get here easily with the best parking being on the street. The parking lot has been icy and could be difficult. Hopefully it will be better today! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                      03.14.2017

Good Morning! The weather looks pretty bad out there! The snow has changed to sleet and rain near us! I was truly hoping to be snowed in for a day! I think we may head to the shop at least briefly! Stay safe! Have fun! I'll see you at the shop!

Saturday                                           03.11.2017

Good Morning! A spectacular Friday! We had a great first day of our retreat! Rob and Young Rob started their day with a drive to Ocean City NJ to deliver a Bernina E-16 embroidery machine! Rob said it was a great place to be during the major snow storm that hit, but didn't last during the day! On the way home Rob picked up dinner for the retreat from one of our favorite caterers, Macaros in Pennsauken NJ! We also had another training session with an Innova Auto-Pilot Mach 3 buyer! She gets her machine next Friday! We also sold our Gammill trade in machine! That will be delivered Monday! Another visitor is coming to look at our Grace wooden frame table and machine that I hope will sell today! We also are hearing some great things about our new restaurant in town! Plan to stop in for a visit! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! I have a lot of work to do to keep our retreat on track, so I better get started! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                               03.09.2017

Good Morning! Wow what a busy day in the shop! We had a customer pick up a used Long Arm they purchased from us! Rob was busy building our next Innova delivery! He also has to set up another used long arm that someone is coming to see this weekend! Young Rob prepared our Demo Bernina E 16 for delivery! That machine will be delivered on Friday! Remember we also have a nice used Gammill Long Arm for sale! This weekend we are hosting one of our Quilt Retreats! It's sold out with plenty of folks wishing to attend! I wish we could do more! I'm off to start my day! I hope you have a great one and get the chance to visit us! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                         03.07.17

Good Morning! We're back in the shop after a great week at the Quiltfest of NJ! Believe it or not this morning I start planning for next year! We also have a quilt retreat coming up this weekend! It never slows down! Rob has to hurry in to set up our long arms to get us back in business and we still have to prepare for MQX! I really have to run! See you at the shop!

Monday                                        03.06.17

Good Morning! We had a great week at the Quiltfest of NJ! It was a lot of work and it's not quite over! We need to unload our truck today and get it back to the rental agency! We really enjoyed meeting new friends and introducing them to our Innova Long Arms! We also sent a lot of Berninas home with new owners! The attendance seemed to really be great! Even Sunday was bustling with visitors! Normally Sundays are spent trying to pack things early and getting ready to leave! Stay tuned for more excitement to come! Plans are already being made for next years show! Get it on your calendars early! I'll let you know the dates as soon as they are set! Ok, here I go again! Have a great day and I'll see you at the shop!

Tuesday                                                     0.28.2017

Good Morning! Good bye February! We've had a fantastic month thanks to all of our wonderful shoppers! I'm really looking forward to a great March and more big announcements! I'm already taking phone calls about Innova Long Arms! Hurry in and make your plans to get your Innova! Today we'll be packing for our trip to the NJ show! We are expecting a big show! Mancuso show management is excited by an uptick in activity! Come on out and support your local show! We have a lot to do to get ready! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                                 02.26.2017

Good Morning! Our fun in Virginia is winding down! It will be a long day of selling and then packing up and driving home! I'd predict that we'll make this trip again! I might feel differently if we don't get set up in time for NJ! Wish us a lot of luck! See you at the shop!

Friday                                                 02.24.2017

Good Morning! We're having a lot of fun down here in Hampton Virginia! It's a great show and the leather seems to be really popular! I'm excited to see the growing number of people willing to try the leather! I also hope to see more of you next week at the NJ show! Soon it will be very common to see leather projects in quilt shows! I have a lot of work to do today. I had a shipment of leather delivered here that needs to be cut, so the hotel room is turning into my work room! I have to get started! See you at the shows!

Tuesday                                           02.21.2017

Good Morning! We had a great weekend with another Innova shopper visiting on Sunday! Monday was busy like I expected! We still had time to get ready for heading to Virginia for a quilt show! We'll be back for a day or 2 before we have to head right to the NJ Quilt Fest! It will be a busy couple of weeks! I gotta go! I'm still not packed and we are planning to leave around noon or so! Wish us luck and don't forget to visit the shop! For everyone else, I'll see you at the show!

Saturday                                              02.18.2017

Good Morning! Our Embroidery retreat finished up yesterday! Everyone had a great time! I have to thank Margie who just does such a great job! We couldn't do it without her! Have you visited the shop lately? It's been great! So many people visiting! Make sure you stop out and join the fun! I also want to invite Anthony Rizzo back to the shop! Rob promises he won't jump out and scare you anymore! I really have so much to do! Back to back shows are coming up in Virginia and NJ! I'm already getting phone calls from Innova shoppers! We are off to a great start this year and won't rest until everyone has an Innova or one of our great trade in models! I have to get started! I know I'll be visiting with many of you soon! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                                              02.15.2017

Good Morning! I hope you had a great Valentines Day! We had another busy day. Rob did some grocery shopping for our Embroidery retreat which begins today! Later in the afternoon he delivered a HQ Long arm that was traded in for one of our Innova machines! We have another really happy customer! This morning he will be visiting an Innova owner that is moving and needs her Auto Pilot disassembled! Rob doesn't know if her house has sold yet but says if you're looking for a great house with a marvelous sewing area, he can point you in the right direction! I have a lot to accomplish today before welcoming our guests! I always look forward to retreats! I'm sure we all will have a great time! Time to get started! See you at the shop!

Monday                                                        02.13.2017

Good Morning! Thank you all for a great weekend! Machines are flying out of the shop! Hurry in and get yours! So many choices and more to come! Rob is heading out to North Jersey to deliver another Innova today! Theresa and Ed live on a farm and Rob is looking forward to getting there! I'd like to thank the husbands that stopped in to pick up gift cards for their favorite Valentine! There are some lucky ladies out there! It's not too late to drop a big hint! Have a great day and I hope to see you at the shop!

Saturday                                                          02.11.2017

Good Morning! What a Friday! It was a machine buying day! Our featured used Long Arm is going home with a new owner! Two Bernina machines are heading home too! What could happen today? We have 3 more long arms that are great deals and ready to find new homes! Stop in today, have a new Long Arm tomorrow! Don't forget that you can visit Assemble in Haddonfield for Bernina deals too! Let's make it a great weekend! See you at the shop!

Friday                                            02.10.2017

Good Morning! Did you enjoy the quick storm? It sure was pretty! We had no trouble getting to the shop! Shirley made it in as well! We had a very good day with a few visitors despite the weather! I found a few moments to work on some new projects that I think you all will enjoy! It was great to get some creativity flowing! Let's have a great Friday! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                                                    02.07.2017

Good Morning! We had a great weekend and a fantastic Monday! We had new Innova owners in the shop being trained and planning deliveries! One Innova AP Mach 3 will be going to NYC! Stay tuned as things may continue to get exciting there! Let me give a shout out to Danique at Assemble in Haddonfield! She seems to be off to a great start selling Bernina machines in Haddonfield! She is also now accepting commercial embroidery work for us! Drop in and visit her if you are nearby!  Yesterday we had a new donation to our antique furnishings! A new customer dropped off an antique spinning wheel! It's going to fit right in! We'll do our best to take care of it! It's a warm day and perfect to come visit Burlington!
See you at the shop!

Friday                                          02.03.2017

Good Morning! It just keeps getting more exciting around the shop! Rob is getting ready to head out and install another Innova Long Arm machine! He will be bringing back another trade in machine! We are getting quite a collection of used machines! I'm encouraging him to take pictures right away, put them on facebook and let's sell this used Handiquilter! We also have a Gammill and an A-1! We have something for everyone! Cathy Wiggins is also selling her Long arm so she can make room for an Innova! Check her facebook page out! Rob could be available to pick up and deliver that machine to a local buyer! Let's get busy! It's time that you were able to quilt when the mood strikes you! I'll be waiting for you to call! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                                        02.01.2017

Good Morning! One month has flown by already! I'd like to welcome the brief month of February, it's great to think that Spring will be here shortly! We have the next Innova delivery scheduled for Friday! When are you ordering yours? Come in and take a lesson to begin renting our machines or come see us at the Quiltfest of NJ next month! There are 3 sets of classes for different skill levels from beginner to expert! Everyone should have a long Arm machine! Get your plans made and I'll see you at the shop or at the show!

Tuesday                                             01.31.2017

Good Morning! What a great Monday! A new Innova has been installed and 2 more to go before the rest of the delivery comes in! I had a great meeting with my Bernina district manager and Danique of Assemble in Haddonfield! The shop wasn't too busy but several customers putting together their projects kept things interesting! I'm looking forward to seeing what today brings! Come on out and get a new project underway too! See you at the shop!

Monday                                             01.30.2017

Good Morning! Another great weekend at the shop! Lots of customers visiting and I have another great learn to quilt class underway! Rob got one of the Innova machines together and will be heading out to Newtown Pa. to make the delivery! Hopefully he'll be back in time to get started building the 2 remaining deliveries! We recently placed our largest order of Innova machines since we began! We also have a couple of great trade ins! Time to get yours! Lot's to do, so I'm getting my day started! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                            01.28.2017

Good Morning! It's been a busy week! Three Innova machines arrived at the shop and Rob is busy getting them ready for delivery! Interest in machines has been the most I have ever seen! We just sold a Bernina E 16 embroidery machine and have more customers interested! The number of folks wanting Innova machines is sky rocketing! Our friends from New Hampshire that just bought an Innova are here for training! They will be available to demonstrate theirs for those that aren't certain they want to visit the shop in NJ! We'll be getting them listed on Innova's website soon! So good to be growing in the Northeast! I have to get started! Hope you are too! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                            01.24.2017

Good Morning! It was pretty quiet in the shop yesterday! We enjoyed welcoming the folks that braved the wind and rain! Today doesn't seem quite so bad! I hope to see you making plans and shopping for new projects! I want to mention how great it was to see one of our regular customers showing off her latest projects! She had taken a class that taught her a new skill! Previously she thought it would be too hard to accomplish! Now she feels like an expert! So step up and take those classes! Try new things and acquire new skills! It's never too late and nothing is too hard! See you at the shop!

Monday                                             01.23.2017

Good Morning! It's a new week after an exciting weekend! I can't wait to see what comes next! The shop continues to grow and improve! Folks keep arriving for their very first visit and promise to come back! I have to hurry off again as I'm opening this morning! Get an early start and I'll see you at the shop!

Friday                                                         01.20.2017

Good Morning! It's another beautiful morning! We will be so excited to see you in the shop today! We got a big delivery of Spring fabrics to add to our selection! We had a big day in the shop yesterday and are excited to keep growing in 2017! I have to make a phone call to Cathy Wiggins! We have some plans to work out! Don't forget to sign up for Longarm Quilting classes at the Quiltfest of NJ! Cathy, Barb Persing and I will all be teaching classes! Talk about an opportunity! A roomful of Innova machines! Helpful technicians from Innova along with enthusiastic teachers! I can't wait to see you there! But until then, I'll see you at the shop!

Thursday                                      01.19.2017

Good Morning! It's sure been an exciting time around the shop! Rob was out yesterday to help an Innova customer in Delaware! A few more people have called and are shopping for an Innova and I just placed my biggest Innova order ever! Don't make a mistake! Get your own Innova today! I have some meetings and more plans to work on for our future that will keep me busy today! It looks like a great day for you to stock up on projects! I hope you decide to visit soon! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                                01.14.2017

Good Morning! It looks like a great morning! I've been up early baking and getting ready for a big day in the shop! I hope we only get a little light snow as forecast! I have no time to spare and have to run! See you all at the shop!



Thursday                                              01.12.2017

Good Morning! We are gearing up for an exciting weekend! Two big groups will be meeting on Saturday! One group will be starting our block of the month program! The other will be participating with Debbie Kalenty in a fun class! We continue to be busy in the shop! I really enjoy seeing friends bump into each other unexpectedly! It seems to be happening more frequently! We've been moving things around again and the shop is looking great! Rob's little construction area hasn't been too much of an inconvenience. I'm looking forward to having a little more space! It's unbelievably warm today! What a great excuse to get out and visit Burlington NJ! Bring a friend and enjoy one of our local restaurants too! Who knows, you might run into a friend here too! See you at the shop!


Monday                                                 01.09.2017

Good Morning! We had a really great day on Sunday! Quite a few people ventured out and enjoyed the shop! We were moving things around so there was plenty of activity keeping everyone busy! Rob and I left a little early to visit the new shop Assemble in Haddonfield! I met with the staff there and talked about Bernina Sewing machines with them! They seemed excited to learn about them! I have a feeling the group at assemble will be selling a lot of Berninas! Thanks for joining with us Danique and we wish you the best of luck in your continuing adventure in Haddonfield NJ! Now I have to hurry off and get my day started! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                               01.07.2017

Good Morning! Winter has been sneaking up on us! A little snow yesterday looked beautiful without causing any trouble! More is on the way! Rob got a little work done widening a doorway in the shop! I love it! What a difference! He still has a lot to do, and we are taking our time evaluating if our original plan still makes sense! We're heading in early again today and I hope you will be too! Tomorrow I plan to visit our friends in Haddonfield NJ at Assemble! Assemble is a new quilt shop that has taken over for The Little Shop which recently closed. Assemble is carrying our Bernina sewing machines and hopes to help us get everyone enjoying Berninas! I'm excited to visit! I have to get my day started! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                                     01.03.2017

Good Morning! We are off to a great start in 2017! We were very busy on Monday. It really has been a tremendous few weeks! The number of first time visitors was unbelievable! We are also getting a lot of samples together and I can't wait to unveil all our new ideas! Speaking of ideas, we are going to start enlarging the entrance to our kids/novelty/embroidery area! Rob is always excited to do a little construction. Hopefully, it will go smoothly. Fingers crossed! See you at the shop!

Monday                                                   01.02.2017

Good Morning! Well we made it to another year! I think it's going to be a great one! I have to hurry in as I'm opening this morning! I'm also excited to start our new shop hours! Don't forget, we will be closing at 6pm every night! My hope is that this will lead to more classes or events in evenings! We will accept appointments to shop for Berninas or Innova machines when necessary too! I have to get started! Let's have a great day and a great New Year! See you at the shop!


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Bernina Basic Embroidery

Cost: $ 75

In this course you will learn to master your BERNINA Embroidery machine.

Hug Wraps Volunteer Sewing

Cost: $ Free

Come in and spend an hour or two. Hug Wraps will have all the supplies needed. No need to call or make a reservation...JUST SHOW UP and sew! No experience necessary! We will have non-sewing stations set up as well for ironing, folding, packaging. We will have sewing stations set up for: Hug Wraps, Pillowcases for hospice patients, Backpacks for the homeless, Pet beds & blankets for AWA & Feral Rescue Nonprofit, Patient bibs for nursing homes. For more information and sign here:

Longarm Quilting - Beginner Hand-Guided Lesson

Cost: $ 60

A 3-hour lesson, taught by Olde City Quilts staff, on our Innova Longarms! You will learn the basics to open up the world of hand guided machine quilting. Once you've taken this lesson, you can schedule longarm rental time and finish your quilt projects! Innova machines are the leading Longarm machines available on the market today!