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Saturday                                                             11.30.2019

Good Morning! Whew! What a great day in the shop! Black Friday 2019 was by far our best ever! Thanks to all that turned out and joined the fun! Don't worry! We still have plenty of great deals remaining! I hope you are all heading out to support small businesses today! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                                           11.12.2019

Good Morning! It looks like a wonderful day to visit our shop! Dan, our general manager traveled to attend some Innova training. The winter weather may be delaying his return! We look forward to him getting home safely! Rob and Dan delivered an Innova M24 with autopilot and electric lift! Rob is really impressed with the new machine! He is really hoping you all buy one so he can set more up soon! Ours is not here yet but it will be very exciting when we do get it! Enjoy the day! Visit us before it gets much worse! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                                11.03.2019

Good Morning! I hope you all are well rested due to the extra hour! Thanks to all for a wonderful Saturday in the shop! It was great to be able to offer outstanding financing to an Innova buyer yesterday! I hope to see more of you in the shop today! We are making deals on all brands of machines!  If you haven't been here, we have ample parking in a beautiful historic downtown location! Celebrate your purchases with a meal or a drink at one of our great local restaurants all within walking distance! Francesco's is offering a great chicken dinner special! Rob and I split it for lunch! Let's make it a great weekend in Burlington! See you at the shop!

Monday                                                          10.28.2019

Good Morning! What a great weekend at the shop! We sold a lot of sewing machines! Thank you all! Bernina is still our top seller but Janome and Brother are growing quickly! No Innova sales this weekend but we are having our biggest year so far and are looking to grow more next year! Rob is packing one of our rental machines to deliver to a lucky customer tomorrow! It will soon be replaced with the new M24 Innova, the top of the line quilting machine! What a great machine to be able to offer to our rental customers! I have to get my day started! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                                           10.26.2019

Good Morning! Saturday? Already? Wow! The week flew by for us! Friday night was really busy! So glad we lengthened our hours! We welcomed some new customers who don't normally have the time to get here! We've been working hard, rearranging the shop! It's not finished of course! I can't wait to get some bigger projects moving along! We're still growing! Stop by today. We are selling off some items to make room for all of the new things that are on the way! We made up cute little treats for the first 13 sales! Hope to see you at the shop!

Monday                                                       10.21.2019

Good Morning! I hope you all had a great weekend! Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming up quickly! Let's get those projects going! Let's make it a great week! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                           10.19.2019

Good Morning! We are so busy! Thanks to all of all you that are keeping us hopping! Rob delivered another Innova yesterday and more are on the way! This has been our biggest year with Innova!  Lately, we've been selling some smaller length tables! This tells me that Long Arm Quilting is really growing! Janome sales are picking up too! Please keep up with your word of mouth advertising for us! My latest Janome customer called us after a recommendation from a friend! Our customers are the best! I have to get another busy Saturday underway! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                                                                  10.10.2019

Good Morning! What a fun day in the shop! Dan got a new puppy, Bandit! He brought her to the shop and Wrangler had a great time being the big dog! He really seemed to be showing her around! Another Innova Long Arm was delivered to the shop! Rob is busily assembling it and will deliver it to Massachusetts on Monday! I was also busy closing another Innova sale on the phone! I think almost everyone has one now, get yours too! We have been selling short tables lately! People are making room! The latest trend is, complete your small quilts at home on your own Innova, rent our machines if you make a large quilt! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                                                  10.08.2019

Good Morning! Today Wrangler turns 11 Months old! Happy Birthday, Wrangler! Rob will be out delivering an Innova locally! We still have room in our paper piecing Block of the month! We have 2 sessions. We will have an opportunity to purchase a kit or participate in a stash swap to find just the right colors for your project! It sounds like fun! Give us a call if you want more details! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                                             10.05.2019

Good Morning! It's a beautiful morning in Burlington! Jump in the car and head to the shop! We have started our new Friday hours, now open until 8 pm! We welcomed a customer who was traveling to Virginia and was able to stop in and pick up some fabric! I'm late and have to run! See you at the shop!

Friday                                                                         10.04.2019

Good Morning! Whatcha doin today? Olde City Quilts has a 12 Hour sew! $10.00! We start at 11 but you can show up any time you like! The good news is we stay till 11 pm! Most people leave early of course, but come on out and have a good time! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                                       10.03.2019

Good Morning! We had a great Wednesday! It was wonderful training our newest Innova owner! We will be delivering her machine next week! We have been very busy with behind the scenes stuff! We hope our improvements are making our shop even better! Our custom quilting business is bursting at the seams! Look for us to expand our capabilities to keep up with demand! I'm short on time and have to run! See you at the shop!

Wednesday                                                                10.02.2019

Good Morning! I hope you all got the newsletter and are making your plans for our most exciting fall ever! Machines of all types are really flying out the doors! Rob is going to be really busy delivering Innovas! Remind your family that it's not too early to start making holiday purchases! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                                            10.01.2019
Good Morning! Stay tuned! I'm feeling the return of my daily blog! Wrangler and moving have really taken a lot of our time! Hopefully, I'll be back on track! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                                              02.09.2019

Good Morning! It's been a great week in the shop! Wrangler (new puppy) is growing fast! It's fun to see how many customers look forward to seeing him! Thanks to everyone who has made this adventure fun so far! The cold temperatures have returned so it's a perfect day to browse some fabrics and visit a puppy! Also it's national Pizza day! Be sure to try our favorite spot Francesco's! It's just 2 doors away and has great pizza! We also love our neighbor across the street, Legends! Two great Pizza places to choose from! See you at the shop!

Monday                                                                02.04.2019

Good Morning! It's a big day at the shop! Margie's embroidery retreat begins! A few days of fun for a large crowd expected! I have a lot to do to get ready so I have to go! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                                                               01.31.2019

Good Morning! Brrrr! Come on out and visit the coziness that is our wonderful shop! It's a great day to pick out a new project! I don't have too much to announce today! A lot of our focus has been on getting our puppy Wrangler trained! He seems to be growing hourly! This morning he is 12 weeks old on the last day of January! Enjoy this cold blast if you can! Spring will be here before we know it! See you at the shop!

Tuesday                                                                                 01.29.2019

Good Morning! We had a great Monday in the shop! We delivered a beautiful Double Wedding ring custom Quilting project to a customer! It was outstanding! Another quality job by the Quilt team! I've had a lot of behind the scenes responsibilities lately. We are in the middle of changing banks and some operational procedures that we hope will help! I have another busy day of planning for our next events! I have to get my day started! Stop in and pick out a project for our cold weather that is on the way! See you at the shop!

Monday                                                                           01.28.2019

Good Morning! Things are sure getting busy! People were out shopping for new sewing machines! Many first time visitors arrived from Pennsylvania and NJ over the weekend! Our in house retreat was a big success and enjoyed by all! We are also gearing up for a full slate of Quilt shows where we will represent Innova Long Arm Machines! We'll let you know where you can see us and finally buy that Long Arm you have been wanting! Remember that we offer really great financing on all of our items! Our excellent financing is not brand specific! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                                                    01.26.2019

Good Morning! Things are getting busy around here! We have enjoyed having a few gals participating in our in house retreat! Stop in and visit if you get the chance. Yesterday it was great to visit with Neal and Heidi from Innova Long Arms! Innova is light years ahead of all other brands. We're looking forward to seeing the new top of the line machine soon and continuing our relationship with Innova! Wrangler, our puppy is growing fast! I'm starting to see some real progress on the house breaking! It looks like a great day to visit Wrangler,Burlington and the 6 restaurants in easy walking distance from us! See you at the shop!

Thursday                                                  01.10.19

Good Morning! Another exciting day! I had a great meeting with a new teacher! Hoping to add some new classe to our line up! We did receive our shipment of heat transfer vinyls! Stop in and stock up! Perfect for those new Brother Scan N Cut machines out there! By the way we didn't quite sell all of them! Stop in and get your great deal today! That's about it this morning! I have to watch Wrangler, our new puppy! He's starting to show some improvement in house breaking! Fingers crossed! So far he's the most popular item we have! See you at the shop!

Sunday                                                 01.06.2019

Good Morning! We had a great Saturday in the shop! So excited to see people planning big projects! Stay tuned this week for a big delivery of a new product line for the shop! Proud to continue to supply the items you are looking for! Wrangler our puppy is doing great! A new Bernina gal, first time visitor, almost left her new machine behind after playing with Wrangler! Time to get another day underway! See you at the shop!

Saturday                                                         01.05.2019

Good Morning! Welcome 2019! We are off to a great start! I keep hearing the same thing from all of my suppliers! Sales are going strong and everyone is busy upgrading their machines! Are you ready for a long arm to finish your own projects? We have the answer for you! Innova machines start under $10,000! See you at the shop!

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