Project Kennel Quilts 11-3

OCQ will be hosting a day of making dog and cat beds. All volunteers are welcome (beginners and experienced sewers). Machines and supplies provided. We are also accepting donations of completed beds through August 2016. We will be making pet quilts for the TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team. Bernina and Aurifil Threads are among the program's sponsors. Locally, the Burlington County Animal Shelter will also benefit.

Guidelines for Small Kennel Quilts:
  • Materials used should be 100% cotton (biodegradable).

  • Pre-wash fabrics (pets can have allergies just like humans).

  • Finished size should be 12" x 18". This fits the most commonly used small kennel used at shelters.

  • When piecing, use a small stitch length (e.g. 14 stitches/inch).

  • Do not use binding as it can be hazardous to pets if it becomes loose. Layer, sew around the edge using a small stitch length, and turn quilts pillow-cover style. Whipstitch the opening with small, tight stitches.

  • Use only simple appliques that are secured with tight stitches along the edges. Avoid using fusibles.

  • Keep the quilting simple and use small tight quilting stitches that won’t catch on pet claws. Do not tie quilts as the ends can get caught in claws or chewed off.

  • Do not use any metallic threads or other embellishments (e.g. beads, charms, buttons, ribbons, lace, trims, etc.) of any kind. Do not add handles or loops to the quilt.


Burlington County Animal Shelter uses cot-style beds in the following sizes (small to medium sizes most needed):

          25" x 18"
          30" x 20"
          35" x 23"
          40" x 25"
          44" x 27"
          50" x 36"
Cost: $ FREE